Uganda: Lies, Lies and More Lies—Gen. Museveni’s False Flag Operations

Dictator Museveni
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Uganda's own Papa Doc, Gen. Museveni. In power for 36 years now. Photo: Facebook.

[The View From Uganda]

Last week, the police in Uganda announced that they had found two more “terror cells” in two places—Lukaya (Kalungu) and Butambala. Police claimed they’d “busted” the “terror cells” after a security operation. 

Police mouthpiece Fred Enanga noted that thanks to intelligence leads, counter terrorism security teams were also able to shut down terror  operations allegedly linked to Imam Suleman Nsubuga. The Imam’s cell in Lweza, Wakiso district, was raided last year and this resulted in him purportedly being on the run, the police claim. “Our teams raided two hideouts of suspected terror cells and seven suspects were arrested who indicated they were being inspired to carry out attacks on security personnel and installations within the country by one Imam Nsubuga Suleman,” Enanga said. Enanga warned that although “terror cells” in the country have either been smashed or their members put to flight, there was no time for Ugandans to rest on their laurels. 

He added that there are other terrorist cells whose backers want to reverse the security situation in the country and play havoc with the “peace” in Uganda. “These are operational cells which are autonomous, mobile and flexible. However, we want to reassure the public we will ensure we eliminate them and prevent creation of new cells,” he said. 

At the start of the year, 15 people were charged with offenses ranging from committing acts of terrorism and aiding terrorism, in connection to their alleged role in the multiple bombings which occurred in the Ugandan capital city Kampala and other parts of the country last October and November. These explosions were caused by an improvised explosive device that left at least nine people dead. In the early hours of Nov. 16, at least six people including three suicide bombers were killed and 33 others injured in multiple bomb blasts in Kampala. 

Under Gen. Yoweri Museveni’s dictatorship, the junta continues to write alternative histories to suit its insatiable desire to subjugate and annihilate its opponents in order to prolong its rule. 

Uganda has 111 districts; 26 of these districts are in Buganda. Every single case of alleged terrorism reported by the regime has been in Buganda. After a succession of violent attacks on police posts, mainly in Kiboga and Mityana districts—in which police were killed and their weapons stolen—security agencies claimed they’d discovered a rebel group called Ugandan Coalition Forces of Change (UCFC). 

Before that, there were killings in Lwengo and Masaka districts. At that time the Uganda police claimed the Member of Parliament from Kawempe North, Muhammad Ssegirinya, and the one from Makindye West, Allan Ssewanyana were the two masterminds behind the killings.

Most Ugandans believe the opposition party lawmakers were mere scapegoats in the regime’s retaliation for Buganda region, which overwhelmingly repudiated dictator Museveni in the 2021 general elections. 

Museveni has launched an undeclared war against the leaders of Buganda. However, the Buganda leaders are not taking dictator Museveni’s assault lying down. The acting Leader of Opposition in parliament Mathius Mpuuga is currently boycotting plenary sessions over the government’s torture campaign. When the most prominent torture victim, the PEN International 2021 Writer of Courage honoree Kakwenza Rukirabashaija was recently released from bail, the world gasped when he showed the ugly scars left on his back from torture by the regime. Before he fled the country Rukirabashaija showed his scars to Western diplomats based in Kampala and some of them reportedly wept.