MLB & NFL: Things I Don’t Understand

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No matter how well versed you may be on a certain topic or many topics for that matter, there  comes a time when circumstances will appear that will render plenty of head shaking, head scratching & deep v shaped eyebrows. Thanks to several recent occurrences, that time is right here and now for me:

He gets nothing but my utmost respect.  Yet, I still don’t understand why O’s Manager Buck Showalter decided not to use numero uno reliever Zach Britton in the Wild Card Game vs the Toronto Blue Jays.  Fundamentally, I don’t understand why coaches opt to save anything….be it timeouts, players, any-thing….especially in do or die situations.  One loss and the team is headed to the offseason.  So essentially Zach has been saved for April 2017?!  Ahhh, the wisdom of hindsight….

The bigger picture though is….I don’t understand why a team as good as my hometown Orioles found themselves on the edge of the dugout’s bench at the end of game 162…waiting to see if they’d even get into the March Madness-esque game in the first place!

While we’re on that game….I don’t understand why, just one organization hasn’t taken the lead and gone beyond the usual press release of disapproval when an unruly person throws objects on the field.  An attempted assault charge coupled with a ban from the premises for just shy of for-ever will set an example like none other! 

I don't understand why the New York Mets didn't exercise more patience at the plate.  There's no guarantee the outcome would have been different...but beyond a shadow of a doubt, a beast of a pitcher like Madison Bumgarner must be made to work harder than 21 pitches through 3 innings.  The San Francisco Giants would welcome that formula any day!!

There is no understanding of stadium goers who resort to physical violence.  Following a Ravens vs Raiders game, a Ravens fan was hospitalized with a brain injury after an altercation with two Raiders fans.  Here’s a lesson:  All it takes is a good look at the field following a game. Those men…who moments ago, were engaged in one of the most physical sports on record…are now conversing, shaking hands and in some cases trading jerseys.  When the scoreboard shows zero time remaining, bygones become bygones.  I’ll never understand how so-called fans become more riled up about somebody else’s job than they probably ever have been about their very own!

On a lighter note of jobs: I don’t understand how Odell Beckham Jr. thinks the road will get any easier in his….the season is barely underway and the sideshow has already reached “extra” proportions. I’m all for passion & Odell for that matter….but surely he has to know that in this game of machismo chess…guys on the other side of the ball are chomping at the bit waiting to exclaim “checkmate!”.  To help get his mind right, a time out on the bench may serve him well…or at the very least, send him through protocol to make sure he’s not concussed from the kicking net that got the best of him, after a fight they he started!

Speaking of benching….I sure don’t know why the fantasy league gods were telling me to bench Matt Ryan…..the week he scored north of 60 fantasy points….but oh how I’ve learned!!!

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