NBA's Final Four: Will The MVP Meet The King?

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We must be approaching the unofficial beginning of summer….long days, insects on the move, & outdoor enthusiasts chomping at the bit to get outdoors, of course!  For it is around this time every year that NBA tv time has decreased from a field of 30 down to 4 teams….

The Memphis Grizzlies put up a very good fight but in the end, Golden State’s Splash Brothers, Incorporated took full advantage of all of their advantages en route to taking the series.  League MVP Steph Curry…who has perhaps the quickest release I can recall seeing in all of forever….has shown zero sign of slowing down!  Warriors fans and general spectators alike can expect him to continue smashing records throughout postseason play. 

Only 9 teams have come back from a 3-1 deficit to win a series.  Houston’s Rockets did just that when they stunned the Los Angeles Clippers a mere 3 games in a row to get to the conference championships.  While many of us may be looking at them as if they are the pool party guest that we thought was out of town…they seem to like the whole notion of being counted out, then showing up when least expected!!

Should Harden, Howard and the rest of the roster find themselves in the league’s final series, my mouth will drop a second time on their behalf!  Watching the Warriors mix up three pointers with short jumpers and in the paint moves is quite a treat ….I’ll be surprised if they don’t continue splashing their way to the next round!

Over on the eastern side of the league…. Atlanta’s Hawks aren’t one of the league’s teams stacked with superstars…as a matter of fact, most non-Hawks fans would probably struggle to name 3 of the 5 starters.  While that may not serve well for marketing purposes, it manages to get the job done on the court…as the team has been known to work wonders exploiting their varied strengths. 

Cleveland’s Cavaliers started the season with the New Big 3 pomp and circumstance.  The season itself was sprinkled with the types of bumps and bruises normally associated with newness. On the bright side of things…..those things began to work themselves out….on the not so bright side---injuries began to have their way with 2 of the Big 3…back to the bright side—being left in the hands of LeBron James is a good place to be!

Atlanta handled the regular season like a charm, then managed some hiccups in the earlier rounds.  I haven’t counted the Hawks out…however, I don’t count James out either…and there’s only room for 1 rep at the big dance!!

Because even the offseason is NFL season….we got word that New England will not pursue an appeal for the punishment levied against them from Deflategate.  In one of the best posturing moves I’ve seen in a while…owner Robert Kraft issued a statement on not agreeing, greater good, moving on, rhetoric, yada yada yada.  Why they didn’t say “oops” and take the $25,000 fine months ago, only they know!  In the end, the needle has not moved…those who thought you were guilty, still do…& those who think deflated balls could’ve gotten by everyone who touched the footballs, still think you’re innocent! 

If nothing else, the $975,000 difference could have been put to better use!!!

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