Porter V. Garcia: ‘War’ for Welterweight Supremacy

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Garcia and Porter at weigh-in. Photo-Youtube.

[BoxingGlove Notes]

Continuing on their promise to promote the best boxing matches, Saturday, September 8, 2018 the hungry fight fan thanks to Lou DiBella’s, Di Bella Entertainment, and Al Haymon’s , Premier Boxing Champions, will bear witness to an anticipated 147 pound Championship phone booth center of the ring boxing war.

This vacant W.B.C. 147 pound championship fight will feature 2 former world champs, Shawn “Showtime” Porter, 28-2-1, 17 knockouts vs. Danny “Swift” Garcia, 35-1, 20 k.o.’s., at the Barclays Center, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Unbeknown to many the uniqueness of this mega fight is that it not only features the 2 top welterweights in the world who know each other very well from the amateur fighting days but 2 ring general trainers who are also their Fathers.

Kenny Porter trains his son Shawn and Angelo Garcia of course trains his son Danny. So in reality lost to many is the dynamic ring generalship that they both bring to the ring preparing their boxer sons. Angelo and Kenny are former experienced boxers that with both biological Father Love and the tenacity of a trainer will prepare their pupils to the maximum so that either arm is raised in victory that night. Nobody anticipates a boxing Draw.

Observing their demeanor and having seen them fight many times especially at the Barclays Center-Garcia eight times and Porter four times, with great success, it is almost difficult to select a probable winner until maybe after the first or second round.

Please also note that each of the 12 rounds could be a different fight still keeping us confused as to who will be the “Last Man Standing” in this mega championship event, by knockout or decision.

Analyzing their boxing styles perhaps should give us some inner vision as to the probable winner.

Shawn Porter is a former high school Football player-Defensive Safety- realizing championship success as a boxer who almost tackles his opponent as he rushes forward attacking them sometimes with reckless abandonment and punishing them using his football gained strength battering them as he did to former champ Andre Berto whom he knocked out in the 7th round.

On the other side of the ring Danny Garcia is the harder one punch puncher as we witnessed when he knocked out “Bam Bam” Rios with a vicious missle like right hand.

Garcia is also an excellent speedy counter-punching defensive boxer who could confuse Porter who also cuts easily as he rushes forward. Is Garcia’s stamina as strong as Porter’s since Porter never seems to tire the entire distance of the fight?

Perhaps a deep rooted advantage favoring both could be their extensive amateur boxing careers since they both were International Amateur Champs short of an Olympic experience with Porter’s record being 276-14 and Garcia’s 107-13.

Perhaps the bottom line equation of this fistic take no prisoners classic is the mental strength of both warriors nourished by their equally strong Father/Trainers.
If Danny Garcia could withstand Porter’s football tackle volume punching rushes and counter-punches effectively using his strong accurate jab as Kell Brooks did, when he defeated Porter, Garcia could then become a 3 time world champ.

Shawn Porter could win his 2nd world title if Garcia indeed has no defense against Porter’s non-stop punishing punching bull rushes and could be knocked out by the 9th round.

As football strong as Porter is I believe Garcia will out box Porter and win a close but unanimous decision. Ring Generalship will prevail.

What is an expected continuing exciting welterweight fight future is the fact that the victor no doubt will be challenged by any of the other existing 147 Pound Champs such as, Earl “The Truth” Spence, I.B.F., Terence “Bud” Crawford, W.B.O., or former champs Keith “One Time” Thurman, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, Adrien “The Problem” Broner, and or maybe Mikey Garcia 4 Division World Champ who has indicated that he would move up to the 147 pound levels to compete for another world title.

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