NFL: 2015-2016 Resolutions

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It hit me like a ton of bricks!  As our trivia session ended, the emcee announced it was a good chance we would be cancelled next week, due to….drum roll please…the Ravens first pre-season game!  It goes without saying that trivia games held in a bar, specifically a Ravens bar, will automatically take a backseat to any and all things Ravens!

Savoring every moment, in the moment, is something I tend to treasure…admittedly, that notion was tossed to the side as thoughts of pigskin began dancing in my head! Just as a new calendar year brings about resolutions, so does a new season…that train of thought soon had me wondering, who could benefit the most from a new season resolution:

First up, all 32 teams….to take advantage of a clean slate.  Everyone has one foot on the start line---the trophy is there for the taking.  Once the bell sounds, the chapters begin to write themselves….who is in the lead, who has a strong kick in the curve, who is in the home stretch & who hadn’t managed to hit their stride since the season began…..

Hmmm, who else could benefit?  May as well start in my own backyard…..Ravens nation---to finally give quarterback Joe Flacco the respect he so rightfully deserves…trust me, making it to the playoffs and winning a Super Bowl means something guys & gals…..

Former Heisman Trophy winners Redskins qb RGIII and Browns qb Johnny Manziel….to realize all flash and very little substance does not a superstar make.  For the record…neither one of these fellas are my personal favorites…but because I’m never a fan of naysayers, I hope both quarterbacks silence those that are so quick to spew a tsk tsk filled “I told you so”….

Seahawks Coach Pete thoroughly digest the concept of less is more.  I don’t know how his team handles it but I STILL find THAT play hard to watch…..

Cowboys Owner, President and General Manager Jerry Jones…to realize it is ok to be seen and not heard.  Being the “go to guy” immediately following a game creates a side show atmosphere that no team needs….especially one striving to be worthy of the star next to their name.  We. Know. Who. You. Are.  Really, we do…..

New York Giants fans….to retire the tidal wave of overreaction that sets in after a loss.  Head Coach Tom “About to be Fired” Couglin  is the only coach I know of to win not one but two championships all while being on an alleged “hot seat” the majority of the season…..

Defensive Tackle Ndamukong Suh….to play with all the passion needed for continued success at his job & to implore common sense if that same passion begins to feel as if it is teetering into “hefty fine zone”.  A move from the Lions to the Dolphins is also an opportunity to transition from being “oh that guy”…..

Speaking of which, no time like the present for the Dolphins, Bills, and Jets to give the Patriots a run for their money.  New England has long capitalized on being the best looking house in the AFC East neighborhood….but the offseason has the others shaping up to be fairly nice fixer uppers!

All of these pigskin wishes has served as a gentle reminder to start working on my Fantasy League lineup. I’ll get right on it…in a couple of weeks.  Right now, I’m still savoring each and every moment of tightly packed races to October…go O’s go Nats!!

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