How to make money as a sports fan

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What is your level of sports knowledge?

Whether you love boxing, football, tennis, or another sport, sport fans are known for their passion and commitment to supporting their chosen sport or team. 

As a sports fan, you are bound to be incredibly knowledgeable about your favorite sport, even if you do not actively play the game yourself. Such a wealth of knowledge is something that not many people have, and as a result it is something that can be, and should be, capitalized on. Why not make some money based on something you love? Here are some great ideas as to how you can make money as a sports fan. 

Sports betting

With the amount of sports knowledge you have accrued throughout your life, sports betting is a great way to make the most of what you know! When you are placing bets on a game or a match it is imperative to know the teams’ statistics and history in order to make the more well-informed bet you can make. 

In addition, it is good to know what is happening behind the scenes that may have an effect on a player or teams’ performance. For instance, a change in coach or transferred players may throw a team off kilter. Similarly, if a team’s star player is experiencing personal or financial problems, this too might negative impact on his performance. Thus, being up to date on all relevant sporting news can be a huge asset when placing sports bets. Have a look at 888 sport free bet for some great sports betting offers. 888 sport is one of the leading online betting providers you will come across.

On your first bet they give you a welcome promotion of trebling the odds on your first bet! This means that if you bet favorably, you could stand to win three times as much money than you otherwise would have! You also get a ten Pound free bet on your first twenty Pound bet –this means that you stand to win even more still. 888 sport betting is also available on your mobile phone through their new speedy app, so you can place bets anytime, anywhere. 

Write a sports blog or make a YouTube channel 

Another great way to earn money as a sports fan is to channel you love for your sport into either written content on your own sports blog, or by starting a YouTube channel where you can discuss sports related issues or provide commentary on games.

There are various ways you can monetize your blog or YouTube channel in order to make some money. Advertisements that play before your videos or appear on your blog are great for generating income. In addition, sponsored posts are a good way to further increase the amount of money you are making from this venture. It can be really fun to create your own content and interact online with your readers or viewers. The fact that you can do this recreationally and still make a lot of money is both astounding and amazing. 


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