Mayweather’s Simply The Best

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(Floyd Mayweather, pounding Baldomir, proves he's the best).

What can we say about Floyd Mayweather Jr.?

He pitched a shut out this past Saturday against Carlos Baldomir. Won every round, showed both speed on defense and offense. Used upper head and body movement. His foe was totally confused, outgunned and over matched. Then he survived after hurting his hand against a hard hitting and bigger and stronger foe. He also won another part of the world welterweight title and validated his pound-for-pound title.

And now what do we hear? Naysayers claim he looked non-superb. Naysayers claim he should have knocked out Carlos Baldomir. But who has lately knocked out Carlos Baldomir? And who has lately won every round of a title fight? And who has done so with one hand injured with fans rooting against him?

Who is ducking whom as the false claims are raised? Mayweather has always beaten top foes but not been given the credit. Baldomir was supposed to be an acid test. A challenge that would answer questions. Mayweather win and yet he is once again questioned. He, justifiably, jumped on HBO sportscaster Larry Merchant for not giving him credit for his victory and performance. Merchant sounded like a host of other people not wanting to give Mayweather his due.

He won going away. "This is the hurt business and the idea is to not get hurt," observed former middleweight contender and Boxing scribe for Black World Magazine, Destino "Baby" Lois who saluted Mayweather's performance. Mayweather is the best of this era. All he does is win.

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