Tony Dungy's Ride Continues

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Dungy’s Dream Continues
Joyfully for football-starved fans and sadly for football widows and widowers alike, the 2007- 2008 National Football League (NFL) season finally kicked off on Thursday, September 6, 2007. The season opener game was between the 2007 Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts and the former nomadic New Orleans Saints in Indianapolis, Indiana. Just five months after last season’s monumental Super Bowl game coached by one third of the then Black head coaches and its fairytale book ending for the Colts head coach Anthony “Tony” Kevin Dungy, the Colts crushed the Saints 41 to 10.  After the emotional rollercoaster ride of lows in Tony Dungy’s personal life with the death of his son and highs professionally with last year’s Super Bowl win let’s hope the jinx of a disastrous year following a championship win will not touch Dungy and the Colts.

Tiger Triumphs
Eldrick “Tiger” Woods won his 60th career title on Sunday at the BMW Championship held in Lemont, Illinois.  Many wondered after Tiger’s father’s death what would become of Tiger. Well this past Sunday’s championship win was his sixth tournament championship win this year for Tiger, now a new dad. Clearly Sam Alexis is a joy to her parents. Tiger was also honored by Golf Writers Association of America for his contributions toward a better society.

Prayers For Buffalo Bills’ Kevin Everett
Competitive juice coursed through pumped up players eager to start the third quarter in their season opener. As the second half kicked off between the Buffalo Bills and the Denver Broncos in Ralph Wilson Stadium, formerly Rich Stadium, in Orchard Park, New York, a life-altering and threatening helmet to helmet hit occurred between Buffalo Bill Tight End Kevin Everett and Denver Bronco Domenik Hixon. The importance of football faded as it was assessed that he suffered a major cervical spine injury. This 25-year-old reserve player has been deeply sedated since his on field collision. Doctors fear the worse concerning his future range of motion potential. Everett has had spinal surgery and doctors noted some movement of his arms and legs. Doctors view this as a positive sign toward his mobility.




Sports Fans After September 11th
A streaker running across the field, a rain delay or a player’s strike are some of the mundane reasons a baseball game or sporting event may be stopped.  However, some six years ago yesterday it was eerily and abruptly stopped for more than 3,000 other reasons. The events of September 11th touched every aspect of our lives effectively blurring the line between the have-very-little and the rich as it cut deeply across gender, socioeconomic and racial lines. Sport events were cancelled or postponed. The New York Metropolitan “Mets” players donated a day’s pay. Major League Baseball and Major League Baseball Players Association donated millions. In an effort to get back to normalcy sports returned to New York on September 21, 2001 when the Atlanta Braves played the Mets. The long time National League eastern division foes’ regular rivalry was tempered and the teams shook hands before the game. In the aftermath of that day what has followed is stepped up security at all sporting events. There are metal detectors and backpack searches.  At this past year’s Super Bowl no tailgating was allowed because of concerns about cooler contents. The days of yesteryear’s lax or sluggish sport spectator has gone, left is the ever vigilant sometime over suspicious never too cautious fan. 

“No Means No”
The Anucha Browne- Sanders' lawsuit against Isaiah Thomas, Garden Chairman Jim Dolan and Madison Square Garden (MSG) began its jury selection process with a 34 question questionnaire yesterday. There are two competing claims. The former Northwestern basketball star and married mother of three alleges she was wrongfully fired in January 2006 after she complained to MSG top executives about Thomas’ sexual advances and harassment toward her. The former MSG marketing executive seeks back pay and damages and has sued for $9.6 million. The counter claim alleges Anucha’s poor job performance was the only reason for her termination. New York Knickerbocker player Stephon Marbury whom Browne- Sanders alleges was hostile toward her is expected to testify today. The trial is anticipated to last three weeks.


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