In Race For Congress Espaillat Wins Karim Camara Endorsement

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Espaillat, right, receiving Camara's endorsement; also show is Ydanis Rodriguez

[Politics 2014]

Lauds Espaillat’s Record of Forging Multi-Racial Coalitions

Assemblyman Karim Camara (AD-43) announced his support for Adriano Espaillat in the New York 13th Congressional Primary, the latest prominent supporter to endorse Espaillat since he announced his candidacy on February 27th at the United Palace Theatre.

In his remarks, Camara praised Espaillat’s efforts to keep the NYS Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian Legislative Caucus intact. When personality conflicts threatened to fracture the organization along ethnic lines, Espaillat held the caucus together in opposition to a state budget that would have devastated healthcare, education and other critical services for low-income communities of color; later served as Chair.

“At a time when the progressive agenda was under siege in Albany, and petty differences threatened to divide Black and Latino lawmakers along ethnic lines, Adriano Espaillat displayed exactly the kind of leadership we needed,” Assemblyman Karim Camara said. “In this difficult moment, Adriano kept us unified and focused on our shared needs. Now, Adriano is seeking to ensure the seat originally created to give the African and Caribbean diaspora representation in Washington remains at the forefront of fighting poverty, speaking truth to power, and serving as a national model of cooperation between communities of color nationwide. I am proud to endorse his campaign to serve as this historic district’s next member of Congress.”

“I am honored to accept the endorsement of my colleague Karim Camara, and proud of what we’ve accomplished together,” Adriano Espaillat said. “While critical issues like the scarcity of low-income housing, and healthcare disparities like childhood asthma rates remain unaddressed in this district, we can’t let superficial differences divide us. We have to come together and fight for vulnerable New Yorkers with one voice or our agenda will never be heard in Washington.”

Since announcing his campaign, Espaillat has received other key endorsements, including New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, Senator Gustavo Rivera (SD-33), Assemblymember Gabriela Rosa (AD-72), Council Members Mark Levine (CD-7) and Ydanis Rodriguez (CD-10), the Barack Obama Democratic Club of Upper Manhattan, and the Democratic Club of El Barrio & East Harlem.

Espaillat's announced plans if elected to Congress:

Champion Affordable and Low-income Housing: Affordable and low-income housing is disappearing in our community, and longtime residents are being driven from their homes. Adriano Espaillat led the fight to renew and strengthen New York State’s tenant protection laws, and he will bring the same determined focus to Washington.

Empower our District Through Immigration Reform: Immigration reform is a defining civil rights issue of our time. Espaillat believes the time is now to fix our broken immigration laws and bring over 11 million Americans out of the shadows. The current system has split families apart, and left Latino, Caribbean, and African immigrant communities in the 13th congressional District vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.

Make Economic Development about the Community: Espaillat believes that economic development isn’t successful if current residents are left behind. Espaillat will fight to shift public subsidies from the big box chain stores paying minimum wage salaries to existing small and minority owned businesses looking to grow, and local entrepreneurs who need capital to get started.

Fight for Healthcare & An End to Health Disparities in Communities of Color: From diabetes, to obesity, to childhood asthma, Upper Manhattan and the Bronx residents have urgent needs that are not being met in Washington. Espaillat will push to prioritize federal research, education and grant funding towards targeting low-income communities of color to close the minority health disparity gap for children and seniors alike.

More About 13th District Congressional Candidate Adriano Espaillat:

Adriano Espaillat got his start as a community activist in Northern Manhattan, and currently serves in the New York State Senate. In the legislature, he quickly distinguished himself as a reformer and progressive fighter who has stood up for working families.

In 2011, Espaillat led the fight to renew New York State’s tenant protection laws, which were set to expire that year. Espaillat’s advocacy safeguarded over 1 million units of affordable housing, and earned new protections for over 2.5 million people, including the creation of the Tenant Protection Unit to stop harassment and abuse.

As Chair of the Senate Latino Conference, Espaillat has championed state-based immigration reforms, including: legislation allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses, the DREAM Act, and the Farmworkers Bill of Rights.

Espaillat has been a vocal advocate for tenants, consumers, veterans, immigrants and local businesses. He has championed marriage equality and civil rights issues, and efforts to protect our environment from hydrofracking and other dangers.

He has passed laws preserving affordable housing, giving low-income day care workers the right to organize and obtain health care, and sponsored measures to improve hospital translation services. He established a higher education scholarship fund for relatives of the victims of American Airlines Flight 587, which crashed on November 12, 2001. 


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