Racist? Donald Trump's Solid White Base

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Clinton vs Trump


Why single out Donald Trump alone as racist? Evidently there are racists all around us.
Focusing on Trump misses the bigger story. Trump speaks on behalf of millions of White folks. We must stop pretending he's an outlier. He's not that "outrageous" after all.
In the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News Poll Trump leads Hillary Clinton 49% to 37% among White voters. He leads her by 10% points among men.
So even after his racist outbursts towards Mexicans, or perhaps because of them --they are mostly criminals, rapists and drug dealers-- and the revelation that some of his properties wouldn't rent to Blacks, and his recent attack on the Latino heritage of a judge, Trump still gets the 12 point nod ahead of Clinton amongst White voters.
Never mind his blanket ban on Muslims from U.S. entry and surveillance on the ones here -- as if that's not already done.
So those so-called "crazies" showing up at Trump rallies actually represent a huge block of the nation.
Trump's support among White voters isn't surprising -- yet, he also gets the backing of 22% of Latino voters even after his vitriolic attacks; perhaps the folks surveyed live on another planet.
Clinton leads Trump overall by five points, 46% to 41% in head to head contest. The lead evaporates when and shrinks to 39% for Clinton and 38% for Trump when the minor candidates, the Green Party's Dr. Jill Stein and the Libertarian's Gary Johnson are included in the survey's choices.
Clinton leads Trump mainly because she enjoys a 73% to 16% lead over Trump among non-White voters, according to the Journal/NBC Poll.
In two key battleground states rich in Electoral College votes, Pennsylvania and Ohio, Clinton and Trump are running "basically even" according to the poll.
Clinton however is eight points ahead in the critical state of Florida.

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