Ted Cruz And his Hitler-Admirer Endorsement

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Pastor Bikle


Trump's 2016 Hindenburgesque Presidential campaign is blinding some people's vision of anything else.

One story receiving absolutely no media attention is the fact that Trump is not the only Republican presidential candidate with Nazi support.

Sure, Trump has got Nazis supporting him as evidenced by the Nazi salute at a rally.

Yet Ted Cruz has the support of Pastor Mike Bickle, Director of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri.

Here is how the Cruz campaign rolled out Bickle's coveted endorsement on January 21, 2016: 


"Presidential candidate Ted Cruz today announced the endorsement of Mike Bickle, Founder and Director of the International House of Prayer of Kansas City, an evangelical missions organization based on prayer.

'Our nation is in a great crisis in this hour,' Bickle said. 'We need a president who will first be faithful to honor God’s Word. We need a president who will work to defend religious liberty, uphold our Constitution, keep our country safe and our economy sound, and speak truth to the nation. We have been praying for righteous leaders, and Ted Cruz is such a leader. I am enthusiastically endorsing Ted Cruz.'

"The International House of Prayer is engaged in many outreaches, justice initiatives, and mission projects. For the last 16 years, their prayer room has continued nonstop in 24/7 prayer led by worship teams. 800 staff members work at the IHOPKC Mission Base in Kansas City, and 800 full-time students and interns attend the International House of Prayer University, which consists of three full-time ministry schools— a Bible school, music school, and media school. About 20,000 people attend One Thing annually, IHOPKC’s year-end young adult conference

“'Through prayer, the Lord has changed my life and altered my family’s story,' said Cruz. 'I am grateful for Mike’s dedication to call a generation of young people to prayer and spiritual commitment. Heidi and I are grateful to have his prayers and support. With the support of Mike and many other people of faith, we will fight the good fight, finish the course, and keep the faith.'"

"Bickle is the author of 10 books including Passion for Jesus, Growing in Prayer, The Pleasures of Loving God, and The Rewards of Fasting.

"His teaching emphasizes making disciples who seek to walk out the two Great Commandments while serving together to see the Great Commission fulfilled and the fame of Jesus’ name fill the earth. Mike pastored for 23 years before starting the IHOPKC Missions Base in 1999, and has been married to Diane for 38 years, with two sons and five grandchildren."

Cruz has been endorsed by over 200 "faith leaders," many with bizarre and hate filled sermons, like Colorado pastor Kevin Swanson, who appears in a video clip declaring “Homosexuals are worthy of death!)Or Cruz fan, the Rev. Flip Benham, who was taped targeting Muslims outside a mosque screaming, “Jesus hates Muslims!”

But Bickle- even for GOP presidential candidate standards- is totally beyond the pale.

I will just let Bickle's own sermons lay out my case:

"These Jews, less then 20 million world wide. The Lord said 'I'm going to give all 20 million of them the chance to respond to the fisherman. If they don't respond to grace, I'm going to raise up the hunters.' And the most famous hunter in recent history is a man named Adolf Hitler."

The only thing more appalling than Pastor Bickle, that Cruz will not repudiate him and accepts his endorsement. In fact Cruz Senior Advisor Nick Muzin defended Bickel.

“Our campaign welcomes support from faith leaders across the country. Mike Bickle is one of the hundreds who have endorsed us. My understanding is that he was paraphrasing the words of the prophets Jeremiah and Zechariah."

I am not a rabbinical scholar, but I am pretty sure Hitler is not mentioned in the Torah or spoken well of by any Jewish profits.

The Anti Defamation League(ADL) and the National Jewish Democratic Council(NJJC) agrees and has denounced the Cruz campaign alliance with the Nazi Bickle. The NJDC has called Cruz's acceptance of Bickle “profoundly troubling.”

Cruz should send Trump a dozen roses thanking him for his distracting clown car show, because if Trump wasn't in the race, Cruz would be forced to drop out the race over his strange friendship with a Nazi-admiring pastor.  

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