UNAC: African Immigrants Vote Yes on Reform Proposals

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We are once again at a crossroad in America’s history. Immigrants in the United States face an existential threat that’s unprecedented in the modern era, and it is getting worse with the latest threat to end birthright citizenship in the United States. The good news is, we can do something to reverse the course. United African Coalition, UNAC is calling on members of the African community in the United States to fully participate in the general elections November 6th.

We encourage eligible voters to vote democrat and others to support the efforts to Get Out The Vote.

UNAC is also asking voters in New York to Flip Your Ballot and Vote Yes On All 3 - Campaign Finance Reform. If passed, will lower the amount a person can donate to a candidate running for office, increase how much candidates receive from city matching funds, making it easier for first time candidates, immigrants and low-income communities to run for office.

Civic Engagement Commission. If passed, will make participatory budgeting easier and city-wide, foster partnership with community-based organizations to do civic engagement through voter registration, and facilitate language access of services provided by the commission.

Community Board Reform. If passed, will introduce term limits for community board members, making it easier for new communities to help run the most local form of government.

For further detail of the full ballot proposal, visit: https://flipyourballot.nyc/

UNAC is a political institution that represents the collective - social, political, and economic interests of the over 1 million African immigrants living in New York State and continues to be a significant voice in electoral politics.

For more information, please contact UNAC’s Communications Director, Bukola Shonuga at 212-470-4138 or at

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