Uppity Candidate Sanders Steals Wisconsin from Clinton -- Sixth robbery in row

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Oh no! Guess who wants to come to dinner?


Uppity "fringe" candidate Bernie Sanders continued his doomed candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination by doing something he was supposed to do anyway; upsetting frontrunner Hillary Clinton for the sixth time in a row.

After denying Democratic and corporate media favorite Clinton victory in Wisconsin, 56% to 43%, Sanders, the spoiler, now eyes New York's April 19 primary.

Sanders, the cantankerous candidate, continues to campaign aggressively, daringly hoping he can rob annointed candidate Clinton of victory in New York State.

No un-favorite candidate can become the presidential nominee of a major mainstream party and go on to win The White House. On one rare occasion a genuine upstart did somehow defy conventional logic. He snuck into the White House through the front door.


Yet, it's much more acceptable when, sooner or later -- preferably sooner -- the marginal challenger wakes up and urges his millions of deluded supporters to stop sending him millions of dollars and just support the annointed one, Clinton.

That way all the predictions by smart people can be fulfilled.

Bernie Sanders must know his place and stop winning.

He's becoming a nuisance to the establishment.

They don't like him.

(For those who possibly didn't get it, this isn't a real editorial -- it represents the Democratic Party's and corporate media's entitlement attitude towards Sanders' campaign).

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