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PHOTO: Donald Trump's "good people" march in  Charlottesville, VA chanting "Jews will not replace us." -8/11/17

'What kind of son have I created?"- Mary Trump((Donald Trump's mother)- September, 1990 

With less than a week before the most important mid-term election U.S. history, it is midnight in Donald Trump's America and there is a bad moon rising. 

Just last week, Trump declared himself a "nationalist" in Houston, Texas, one of the most racially diverse cities in America. Five days later, another nationalist walked into a Jewish synagogue in Squirrel Hill, Pennsylvania and massacred eleven people at a baby naming ceremony in the sanctuary of their temple while innocently praying to God.

The nationalist President of the United States and the nationalist mass murderer have a lot in common. They both believe that an immigrant invasion is upon us at the southern border. They both believe it is being financed by a Jewish cabal lead by George Soros. The president and the mass murderer both believe African-Americans are thieves and have low IQs, pointing to Tallahassee Florida mayor and current Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum and California congresswoman Maxine Waters as examples. They both resent black athletes and artists for the money they make and how amplified their voices are when they speak out on issues that impact communities of color. If Trump and the mass murderer both hate Colin Kaepernick and Lebron James and think Gillum and Waters are stupid thieves, just imagine what they think about the rest of Black America and other communities of color in the United States.

When Donald Trump descended down the escalator in his slathered-in-brass sky rise on June 15, 2015, declaring his candidacy for president with the slogans like Mexicans "are rapists” and promising to "make America great again," the mass murderer and other Nazis living in the underbelly of America's fringes, celebrated with glee alone in their ramshackle trailers and studio apartments. They knew what he meant. Trump planned to take America backwards. Back to a time of their dreams when segregation was legal and Jim Crow lynchings was an afternoon community event where gospel songs continued to be sung after church services had ended late Sunday morning. 

A little over 48 hours later after Trump declared his presidential run, Neo-Confederate-White supremacist mass murder Dylan Roof took America back to that place, slaughtering nine African-Americans who had welcomed a 'wayward stranger" into their Wednesday night bible study when he walked in the front door. 

And every step Nationalist Donald Trump took towards the White House was a step in that direction. Everywhere he went Trump sowed hate and distrust into America's political fabric. He encouraged violence at his rallies and savagely attacked his GOP opponents during the primaries, questioning Mexican Ted Cruz's citizenship status (like he had with Obama) and linking his father to the Kennedy assassination. 

When a small band of golf club Republicans plotted to disrupt and deny Trump delegates at the GOP convention, they were stomped down by Trump's new campaign manager and Kremlin cutout Paul Manafort. Though their mutual friend, dirty-tricking-Nixon--jackal and body-building dandy Roger Stone, Trump threatened that any delegate who voted against him would have his or her hotel and room number posted online, naturally sparking a mob to come and kick down the door to beat them to a bloody pulp. 

After the June 9, 2016 "Treason" Tower meeting, both the Kremlin and the Trump campaign planned to smear and damage Hillary Clinton as much as possible before she ultimately would become President of the United States. A few weeks later, Trump tweeted a picture of Hillary with a Jewish star that reads inside it- "Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!" Even months before a single vote was cast, Trump carpet bombed the airwaves that the whole election was "rigged" for Hillary. 

Through Hillary's campaign, Trump had the perfect foil to express another component of his wretched personality- his intense hatred for women. In fact, a plausible case could be made that Trump's hatred of women dwarfs is racial hatred of communities of color. Not only does he enjoy sexually assaulting women and brag about off camera, what gets him off even more is loudly calling all those women liars on camera at rallies. Trump talks about his dad a lot, but do you ever wonder why he never mentions his mother, Mary Trump or sexually objectifies his own daughter Ivanka?  Because when it comes to women, Trump's deep well of hatred for women is bottomless. 

On Election Day, Trump received far less votes than his opponent, yet was still able to claim victory thanks to Kremlin interference and the antiquated Electoral College system, the last vestige of slavery that America still honors. Trump's Nazi supporters were ecstatically reminded of their old deity, Adolph Hitler, who had come to power the exact same way.

Now the cult of hate has a new high priest in the oval and celebrated Trump's victory and inauguration by tipping over Jewish grave stones and opening fire driving by mosques and Islamic centers. White supremacist women began to openly harass women of color in shopping malls and calling 9/11 on African-Americans just living their everyday lives, like attending Yale, or entering their own apartment and barbecuing in the park. 

Trump did not disappoint his cult either and used the world's biggest megaphone to declare Nazis marching with torches chanting "Jews will not replace us" as "good people" after one of them drove his car at full speed into a crowd of anti-Nazi protesters. He signed an executive order to destroy the Standing Rock Tribe's sacred burial sites by ripping them up and stuffing oil pipelines through them. He instituted a Muslim ban at international airports that was partly reversed by the courts. He ordered ICE agents to aggressively go after undocumented immigrants and deport them. He separated families who came across the border seeking asylum and put the children and infants in cages with tinfoil blankets, losing hundreds of them in the system.

Besides the millions of brainwashed MAGA drones across the nation who have opted out of reality for the fantasy world of FOX News and Rush Limbaugh, the worst aspect of this whole American horror-politic is the cowardly GOP leaders in the House and Senate. Regularly working with Donald Trump behind the scene, they know better than anyone just who and what they are enabling. Sometimes, they may quietly tell a reporter they are "disappointed with the president" or mutter to each other how much they can't stand Trump behind closed doors- maybe even politely intimate disbelief at DC cocktail party while someone else talks about Trump's worst impulses. Yet every day for the last three years- from the campaign trail and later the White House- GOP members from the House and Senate have been regularly lapping up Trump's toxic, racist stew poisoning America from within for their own political expediency.  

Even when a Washington Post reporter was dismembered alive in Turkey by the Saudi Kingdom, GOP leaders stood by and watched Trump spin and explain it all away in order to not disrupt his own business interests. If only one of them could have repeated to the president what his son Donald Jr. said to his father-of-the-year when he was a lucid 12 years old. “How can you say you love us? You don’t love us! You don’t even love yourself. You just love your money.”

Now, as the mid-terms inch closer, the president and his echo chamber FOX News bellowed their vilest lie to date. That a small migrant caravan from Honduras is packed to the gills with small pox carrying ISIS terrorists and MS-13 gang members and marching to our southern border to "invade" America, while raping and killing children, selling drugs and spreading multiple diseases. It was all of course orchestrated by Democrats and funded by Jews like George Soros. 

For the President of the United States to call the caravan an "invasion," was like throwing thousands of barrels of gasoline on an already raging prairie fire. An "invasion" is by definition, is an act or war. Then in Texas, Trump suddenly declared he was a nationalist. Members of the Trump's base had lost it and believed in a time of coming ISIS occupation; they need to strike out at the enemy in defense of this great nation. One avid Trump devotee in Florida sent fifteen pipe bombs in the mail to Soros, two former Presidents, several current and former Democratic Party leaders, an actor and CNN. It was the most extensive assassination plot since the one that killed Abe Lincoln in 1865.   

Another member of the cult of hate realized he lived nearby a Synagogue that aided refugees like those in the caravan. He ran in last Saturday during a Shabett and baby naming ceremony and opened fire on them all in the temple sanctuary, killing eleven, including two heavily armed law enforcement officers.  Hours later, Trump coldly read the words he was told to, then as usual went way off script, spitting on the yet to be dug graves of the Jewish victims by blaming them for not having an armed Rabbi at the temple who could have smoked the Nazi like Clint Eastwood. Hours after the Jewish massacre Trump flew to Indiana, walked out on stage to Pharrell Williams' song Happy and joked that he almost canceled the rally because he was having a "bad hair day."  The most important message the President conveyed: It's OK. It's nothing serious and not important. 

FOX News took the president’s cue the following Monday by injecting a lot laughter into their discussions on the mail bombs and the slaughter of Jews in a Synagogue.

That was reinforced when Trump said- after the mail bombs and the Synagogue massacre- America should really mourn the fact that “two maniacs” halted the GOP’s political “momentum, because for seven days nobody talked about the elections. It stopped a tremendous momentum.”

When Trump heard that nobody wanted him to visit the Synagogue and that Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and every Pennsylvania politician from both parties would not join him he mirrored the last words the mass murderer posted online: "Fuck the optics, I'm going in" to the Synagogue. He then tweeted a video of himself waddling around outside the Tree Of Life Synagogue and explained it proved how well he performed during the photo op, acting like no president ever did before during a national tragedy.

And just yesterday in the Roosevelt room of the White House, Trump said he ordered the U.S. military to open fire on the caravan if any of them ever throw rocks. “When they throw rocks like what they did to the Mexican military and police I say consider it a rifle," Trump said.

Let’s just forget until Election Day, Tuesday, November 6th what the media regurgitates every time Trump behaves this way.hat he is so ill-equipped to be president; that he is such a weak, small and empty man. That Trump’s presidency is all just a forever game of stupid. Unfortunately it is much worse than that. The biggest weapon the forces of racist and anti-Semitic hate in America have in their arsenal is the presidency of Donald Trump. 

In order to dismantle this weapon of hate pointed at the head of all of us and of lady democracy herself, it’s time for the American people to fill the void of Trump's warped and perverted presidency and vote Democrat across the board. Both houses of Congress have to be won by Dems or this will just be the beginning of what is to come instead of the end. Don't believe the pundits when the say the Senate is out of reach because they were dead wrong when they said the same thing in 2006 and there was far less voter enthusiasm then compared to now.

So whatever you do Tuesday November 6th, 2018 make sure going to the polls and voting is at the top of your list, or you will regret it for the rest of your life… if it’s not cut short by the monster Mary Trump created.  

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