Amiri Baraka, Even At 79, Was Still Street Soldier Fighting Gun Violence

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Amiri Baraka. Photo: Carl Nunn

The Newark AntiViolence Coalition is stunned beyond words to learn of the passing of our beloved warrior elder Amiri Baraka.

He was not just the father of our beloved brother and original leader Ras Baraka, whom we now must rally around in the most serious way --He too was a father, who lost a daughter, Shani, to gun violence, and who also nearly lost a son, Ahi, to gun violence as well. It is no wonder that it was his son, Ras, who would be the one to originally bring us together.

Even though he was in his late seventies, he was with us on the streets at many of our most critical turns, like when we shut down Broad and Market the first time back in 2009.

He was truly a giant among us.

We are truly grateful for the trails he blazed for us. We pray that we make a difference on this difficult and dangerous front, blazing trails of peace and justice in this city that he loved so much.

We salute you, sir. 


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