Bunnatine Greenhouse My Pick for President -- Not Oprah

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Ms. Greenhouse. Photo: Cspan screenshot

Oprah Winfrey is cute but Bunnatine "Bunny" Greenhouse has the experience and the courage to help the United States solve some of its problems.She would be a much more logical candidate for president than a talk show hostess albeit very successful businesswoman. 

Although she has not been in the news for quite a while Greenhouse should be remembered and respected for standing up and challenging Halliburton and the Pentagon war machine.During the procurement of military material Ms. Greenhouse raised big questions about a no bid contract for millions of dollars which Halliburton somehow received without proper due dilligence.

She was a brave whistleblower. Sadly we have fotgotten the meaning of substance in this country.No other contractor was given a chance to get the work because someone just gave the contract away. This particular contract was specifically designated as going to the best bidder not just given away to a company with big conections like Dick Cheney who was vice-president at the time and a former chief executive at Halliburton.

Of course Ms. Greenhouse made some people at the Pentagon very unhappy for interfering with their shceme to favor one company over all others so she was removed from her duties as procurement officer and assigned a dead end job basically sitting in a corner like a misbehaved school child.Like the quarterback Colin Kaepernick she was too problematic and was taken out of her job.

She tried to protect the taxpayer from being abused by people with power.She's my candidate for president.TAGS: 

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