Chicago: Join "Stolen Lives" Families to Demand JUSTICE

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Face of Evil -- Officer  Jason Van Dyke who executed Laquan McDonald

Since the Laquan McDonald video was released, thousands of people have poured out into the streets in weeks of protests.

Yet the police continue to kill, and the very powers-that-be who covered up for the cops are stalling for time, working to suppress and diffuse the outrage and protest by promising “investigations” and “reforms,” for example getting more tasers.

No. We cannot let them get away with this, we will not get used to police terror. We are not waiting for reforms.

Stopping police killings is going to take a movement of mass, defiant and determined resistance. Our simple demands are: STOP POLICE KILLINGS! WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON?  Indict All the killer Cops and All Those Who Are Part of the Cover-ups. Send Them All to Jail.

We Call For A Powerful Day of Resistance Against Police Killings. Wednesday, March 2.

Two Major Actions.

12:00 noon - 2:00 pm

“Stolen Lives” Families Demand Justice Thompson Center (State of Illinois Building), Clark and Randolph.

3:00 pm - 6:00 pm State & Jackson.
No Business as Usual as Long as Killer Police Walk Free.
Mass Resistance to Stop Police Terror Facebook event page

Protests will disrupt the evening rush hour. This action is meant to draw the line to challenge people from all walks of life -- from the people most under the terror of the police, to people from the suburbs who feel this outrage is intolerable -- to take a stand: POLICE KILLINGS MUST STOP!

There is no neutral. We cannot allow the police to continue to murder with impunity and get away with it with the approval and complicity of the institutions of so-called “justice.”

Dallas: Ahjah Dixon --No Justice Has Been Served Unity Weekend Friday March 4 - Sunday March 6.

"My beloved only daughter Ahjah Dixon was killed while in police custody. We are fighting to end the blanket immunity laws that allow corrupt, abusive law enforcement to go entirely undisciplined, as well as laws like 'Stand Your Ground'." Ishtyme Robinson

Justice for Tony Robinson: 1 Year Since Madison WI Police Killed Tony. Sunday March 6 3:00 pm.
1202 Williamson Street, Madison Facebook Event

It is one year later and there is still No Justice and No Peace. If we allow MPD to take Tony Terrell's life without accountability, change, and a stop to state violence, it will continue to occur. Please bring your families, friends and co-workers and raise your voice so that Tony's death at the hands of the City and State will not be forgotten- Andrea Irwin, Tony's mother.
No More Stolen Lives Tour Spring 2016

The focus of this tour is to take the message Police Terror Must Be STOPPED and our challenge, Which Side Are You On? to college campuses. The tours will also do events at religious institutions and in communities, but the campuses are key. Think of the important struggles of the 1960’s and how students taking them up was a key element in how they became part of a wave of massive resistance that rocked the whole system back on its heels. When the students decided they needed to take a stand on these key social issues, it made a huge difference. The same thing needs to happen to STOP police terror, and these tours need to be part of making campuses a key front in the fight to stop it. Basically the students and others who are at the tour events need to come away from them feeling challenged to join in acting to stop murder by police.

Contact (646) 709 1961.
San Francisco/Bay Area Thursday March 10

1:00 pm San Francisco State University Rosa Parks Room, Cesar Chavez Student Union. Sponsored by Project Rebound and the Bay Area Stop Mass Incarceration Network Flyer

ShutDownRikers Trial Date for Clark Kissinger & Miles Solay April 12

October 23, 2015 #ShutDownRikers action as part of #RiseUpOctober

Of the 17 people were arrested for nonviolent civil resistance at the entrance to Rikers Island prison complex on October 23 as part of #RiseUpOctober, Clark Kissinger, manager of Revolution Books, and Miles Solay of the rock band Outernational, have been targeted for heavier charges. They are now scheduled for trial on Monday, April 12, 2016. Rikers Island in New York City is one of the largest jails in the world, holding about 10,000 prisoners, the majority of whom (90%) are Black and Latino.

SIGN this message to DROP the Charges on Clark & Miles

Police continue to shoot & kill across the country, but in Salt Lake City & Raleigh, people got into the streets to protest.
February 28: Salt Lake City police shoot 17-year-old holding a broomstick

Hundreds gathered in Salt Lake City yesterday to protest the police shooting of Abdullahi Mohamed, a refugee from Kenya. "Selam Mohammad told reporters that police shot his 16-year-old friend – who was wielding part of a broomstick – in the chest and stomach. He barely even turned around, then boom, boom, boom -- and he just dropped," Mohammad told the Deseret News.
Akiel Denkins Killed by Raleigh NC Police

Akiel's mother said :"Nobody saw him with a gun."

"They are saying that a gun was found nearby. Who knows where that gun came from?" She said her son was a good-hearted father of two young boys who worked for a moving company.

NBC reports: After the shooting Monday, people gathered at a makeshift memorial near the scene of the shooting. They yelled and chanted, and one person held a banner that read: "F--- the police." The gathering, overall, was peaceful.

Stop Mass Incarceration Network

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