Convention on Police Brutality and Protest Against Donald Trump In Cleveland

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Donald Trump

[Public Announcement]

The National Convention of the Oppressed – Black Unity Convention begins Thursday, July 14, at 6pm – at the Second Ebenezer Baptist Church, 1881 East 71st Street in Cleveland.

Convention Host Attorney Malik Shabazz and Professor Marc Lamont Hill will host a panel of Cleveland leaders to open up the four-day national convention with a national town hall meeting on POLICE ABUSE AND THE CRISIS IN CLEVELAND.

Dr. Cornel West and speakers from the American Indian movement will also address the convention. A NEWS BRIEFING of all activities will be held by organizers on TUESDAY – JULY 12 – 4pm at PERK PLAZA, 12th Street and Chester Avenue, in downtown Cleveland.

The subject will be the national crisis in police brutality and the crisis in Cleveland. A state of emergency exists nationwide; leaders and the community are coming together to deal with this crisis.

The convention brings 100 trailblazers from around the nation and police brutality will be at the forefront.

SATURDAY – JULY 16 – 12Noon – MASSIVE RALLY AGAINST POLICE BRUTALITY AND DONALD TRUMP – The recent spate of outrageous police killings in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Minnesota, as well as serious police cases in Cleveland (Tamir Rice and others), will be the focus of Saturday’s mass rally at Perk Plaza – 12th Street and Chester Avenue (Four blocks from Quicken Loans Arena).

Gathering time is 10am. The Convention of the Oppressed – Black Unity Rally is sponsored by Attorney Malik Shabazz, National President of Black Lawyers for Justice.

Please text 571.223.9329 –END–


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