If They Didn't Think Martyrdom Was The Answer They Wouldn't Have Done It

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The ideas of Dr. Joyce Watford in "BLACK MARTYRDOM IS NOT THE ANSWER!" are appropriate for a sunday school lesson but are of no use when facing cynical agents of empire and the politicians and judges who hire and protect them!

The good doctor suggests that all would be well if we just go through the existing channels and allow our messages of good will to be heard by responsible authorities.

Well we see very clearly that there are no responsible authorities at any level starting with the president. Moral suasion can be very effective when dealing with brothers or civilized adversaries but four hundred years of living in the United States shows us otherwise.

Sweet words are good for something but not for people living under the psychic pain of oppression! If messengers Johnson and Long saw no other way its because they understood that we are living through in an undeclared war! Those who insist that we aren't are deluded.

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