KARMA IS A FLORIDA COYOTE: Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin's Killer, Reportedly Points Gun At Girlfriend And Is Charged

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Quick-to-the-draw George Zimmerman

Photo: ABC News


Trayvon's Killer Plays The 'Victim' Again

Well karma truly is a Florida Coyote.

There should no longer be any reasonable doubt about George Zimmerman's actions on February 26, 2012 the night he deprived Trayvon Martin of life, judging by his actions since a Sanford, Florida, jury gave him an early Christmas gift.

At least one of the jurors now says Zimmerman belongs behind bars.

Zimmerman is quick to the draw; especially when the other party is unarmed.

Monday, he was arrested by police in Apopka, Florida, and charged with aggravated assault, battery and criminal mischief.

The authorities say that when his new live-in girlfriend Samantha Scheibe asked him to pack up and leave, he exploded in a temper-tantrum, broke a glass table, threw things around and aimed a loaded shot gun at the woman for a whole minute.

Maybe Zimmerman figured it would be hard to get away with this one and that's why he didn't pull the trigger.

After all, this wasn't a Black male. It would be hard to demonize this woman. Trayvon Martin, after all --thanks to the good work of centuries of media demonization of Black males-- was just a "typical" menacing Black predator looming in the shadows on the night he was killed.

Boom! One less out there.

The girlfriend, Scheibe, has since told authorities that Zimmerman choked her during an earlier argument.

In September, Zimmerman's wife, who has since filed for divorce, called 911 to report that Zimmerman had hit his father-in-law in the nose and threatened to shoot him and his wife. Zimmerman later said he acted in a "defensive manner" during that incident. No charges were filed against the self-styled night watchman of Sanford.

Here is a man who would allegedly point a gun at a woman and threaten to shoot his father in law and his wife, following an argument.

Zimmerman's actions since his release now paint a clearer picture of the type of individual who confronted Trayvon Martin and shot him dead last year. The 17-year old unarmed African American boy was returning to his father's home after buying skittles and a soda.

Zimmerman, who was then 28 years old, spotted Trayvon Martin and called 911 to say the boy was acting "suspicious." In many parts of the United States, being a Black male in and of itself is "suspicious."

He was told by the police dispatcher not to pursue Trayvon Martin. Yet, since Zimmerman knew he had a gun in his possession, and that he could always use it if he wanted to, he defied the request and followed.

“‘Fucking punks. Those assholes, they always get away,’” Zimmerman had complained to the Police Department.

Young Trayvon Martin -- or the "punk" -- ended up dead with a bullet through the heart, thanks to Zimmerman. The gunman's defense was that Trayvon Martin attacked him and that, fearing for his life, he had to defend himself.

Trayvon Martin was maligned by some media as a pot-smoking young thug even though Zimmerman was the one who had already been involved in several acts of violence, including reportedly against a police officer. He was not charged with murder until six weeks after the killing.

The Sanford jurors on July 13, this year acquitted Zimmerman on second degree murder and manslaughter charges. The jurors concluded that Trayvon Martin's life wasn't worth convicting Zimmerman for. The jurors acted as if Zimmerman didn't have the propensity or inclination to simply lose his temper, initiate a confrontation, and shoot Trayvon Martin dead.

The jury acted as if he could have only killed Trayvon Martin in the course of defending his own life.

Was Zimmerman thinking about "defending" himself when he reportedly pointed a gun Monday at Samantha Scheibe or when he threatened to shoot his father in law and his wife?

Or are these the acts of a bully who is fast to the draw when others don't see the world his way?

Zimmerman's apologists ignored earlier incidents after he walked out of the Sanford court, including the encounters with police for speeding in July and September, while carrying a gun in his car in one of those incidents.

Teflon Zimmerman?

He can only go as far as what the authorities allow him to keep getting away with. The Justice Department had earlier announced a review of the case.

The girlfriend on Monday said Zimmerman was a good manipulator, referring to the 911 call he quickly made before police arrived. He said, in essence, that he was the one who was the victim. That the girlfriend, pregnant with their child, had tried to throw him out of the house. Scheibe denies she is pregnant with Zimmerman's child and "told the authorities that Mr. Zimmerman had recently shown signs of suicidal behavior," The New York Times  reports.

Zimmerman painted himself as the victim even though he vastly outweighed the skinny Trayvon Martin, and he got away with the killing. Maybe the figures charges this time of aggravated assault won't stick either.

George Zimmerman is the perfect definition of the word "punk." He's trying his very best to earn what he truly deserves.

Whatever that may be. 



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