Lack of Fedeeral Action of Trigger-happy Cops Sparks Fury At Police

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Before this, we had Garner, Brown, Tamir, Scott, Bland, and endless list of egregious conduct and killings Photo: The Daily News cover


If the Obama administration had done its duty and prosecuted trigger-happy police over the last few years the fury we now see would never have arisen.

Attorney general Eric Holder and now Loretta Lynch have not imposed federal jurisdiction when it was obviously needed to get justice when local authorities failed to do their jobs. If government did what is necessary then the public would not be inclined to take justice into their own hands.

The fraternal order of police laugh at their victims and consider themselves heroes; but they didn't send Stevan Seagall, Chuck Norris or one of the notorious swat teams to meet the shooter. They sent what could be compared to a drone to face the enemy and neutralize him.

Many assume that Blacks are essentially dumb beasts who have lost their humanity but they are wrong.

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