Letter: Museveni's Acholi Genocide; and, U.S. Black Male Life Expectancy

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I write to comment on two recent articles on BlackStarNews.com "UGANDA: MUSEVENI’'S HIDDEN AGENDA AGAINST THE ACHOLI IS EXPOSED" by John Muto p'Lajur and "Yale University Consigns Calhoun Monument To History's Heap" by Mr. Marc Morial president of the National Urban League.

With respect to the first article -- the only reason Museveni´s agenda concerning the Acholi extermination is hidden from the world public is because the press has not reported what is going on.

During the time of Idi Amin Dada the government was accused of persecuting the Acholi because they were Christian and Amin was a Muslim. However, under the murderous rule of Museveni over a million of these same people have been kept in concentration camps for about fifteen years where thousands have died due to horrible conditions.

The agenda isn't "hidden" but it isn't being reported by the Anglo-American press which makes them accomplice to these crimes.

With respect to the second article, while that commentary about Yale s interesting, on another matter, every year the National Urban League publishes a "state of Black America." It would be very interesting if the report would shed some light on why Black men in America's largest cities are living much shorter lives below the national average life expectancy which is about 77 years for men and slightly higher for women.

Why and what is contributing to the early demise of the Black male in the richest country in the world? Where do the many fewer years they live disappear to? How is it that Black men living in the same social environment are living much shorter life spans relative to White males?

Whatever the causes may be the results are devastating to Black communities where the Black male presence is almost neglibnegligiblee functioning of their environment. Our people,at least many of the men,are being sent to early graves.

If we look at the problem honestly and clearly surely we can apply an effective remedy. America has long been known for its can do attitude. our government made a priority of going to the moon and fighting communism.

Now let's tackle this other unacknowledged problem.


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