Many Wealthy Blacks Don't Care for Underclass

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Writer says Kaepernick is his hero


Regarding the article "Richest African Americans,"--The richest African Americans are unfortunately totally divorced from the needs, interests and future of Black people.

Their personal accomplishments are to be commended but should not be given any significance concerning the situation of the average Black American who can barely leave his home and come back alive.

The Greek word idiotes from which comes the word idiot was originally about people who were so self-centered that they were ignorant and uncaring about the welfare and well being of the public.

While Oprah Winfrey is concentrating on her appearance and Mr. Michael Jordan plays with expensive racing cars, Blacks in the United States are daily targets of genocidal attacks by police and even private citizens.

Mr. Colin Kaepernick, the football player who recently annoyed many with his stance towards the anthem is more relevant, inspiring and entertaining for a struggling people with powerful role models.

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