Medical Expert: George Floyd "Died From a Low Level of Oxygen"

Dr. Martin Tobin stated Thursday that George Floyd "died from a low level of oxygen."
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Photo: YouTube

Things got worse Thursday for attorney Eric Nelson who is trying to defend the murderer of George Floyd, Derek Chauvin, with the seemingly unimpeachable testimony of one of the preeminent professionals in the field of pulmonology and critical care.

Dr. Martin Tobin stated Thursday that George Floyd "died from a low level of oxygen." He also said ,“The cause of the low level of oxygen was shallow breathing, small breaths.”

Dr. Tobin further explained it this way to the jury: "It's like the left side (of Floyd's body) is in a vise. It's totally pushed in, squeezed in from the street at the bottom. And then, from the way the handcuffs are manipulated, that totally interferes with central features of how we breathe...a healthy person subjected to what Mr. Floyd was subjected to would have died as a result."

Things got no better when Dr. Tobin further undercut Nelson's drug overdose scenario by pointing out that to overdose on fentanyl one has to go into a coma.

George Floyd was never in a coma.

Nelson was unable to refute the testimony of Dr. Tobin. His only defense rebuttal today was to complain (at least twice) about allegedly getting documents late or in a improper manner by the prosecution.

Nelson also insinuated Dr. Tobin may have a hidden agenda because he testified in this murder trial for free.

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