Moving Beyond 'Let's Stay Stupid' As Republican Party Prefers

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Piyush Bobby Jindal and his 'Stupid party...'

The Republican Party is invested in stupidity because the party needs it and depends on it.

The even advertises stupidity.

If someone called me stupid I would consider it an insult but when Louisiana Governor Piyush Bobby Jindal said his party was “the Stupid Party”, I didn’t hear a single Republican complain.

They accepted it. I began to wonder why. 
Well, I thought it may be for several reasons. If you yourself are ignorant you might just feel comfortable knowing you can have politically powerful people around you to support your ignorance and can use it and take advantage of it to help you and what you believe in.

So in thinking of this, then let’s think about how the Republican Party actually might use it. This became very easy to see. First, your ignorance encourages you to believe anything they tell you. If they tell you that President Obama is a Muslim, you will believe it. Not that there's anything wrong with being a Muslim; he's a Christian.

If they tell you he was not born in the United States, or that even though he’s a Constitutional law professor he will not follow or enforce any of the laws, and what’s worse, he is constantly breaking the law, these too you will believe.

They will never say anything good about him; they want you to believe that the American people elected an alien Muslim criminal to run the government.

Of course, you will believe all this; since you're already inclined to and conditioned to believe such things. Some Republicans would find this attractive since a person like this could destroy the government, reduce it to a size that it could be drowned in a bathtub. Sounds like a Republican fantasy I once heard.

Back to reality. For the first time in my life, I saw a man, Gov. Mitt Romney, in the last election, blatantly try to lie his way into the White House.

Lies, subterfuge and concealment were his tools. His economic policies of outsourcing American jobs and attacking unions among other things have really damaged this country. And this man’s Party had destroyed the American economy – something most of us think of as a very hard thing to do.

This is the man Republicans supported before he lost the election so it’s not hard to imagine that using their logic they would think the rest of America would or could support someone similar to this. So far, it seems to me that in fact, the opposite was true.

I was watching a documentary on President Obama by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and what happened was that I was transported back in time by several years and it was fascinating to see what Republicans have achieved. They have made me really forget who makes up this country – I mean I really didn’t see it anymore, all the different kinds of people.

I had become culturally numb.

Then I saw them in the documentary: American voters were of all of the colors under the sun. They were all ages, teens through centurions. There were native peoples and others who looked just like foreigners but spoke English so perfectly that you knew they were born here.

Obviously there were males and females and they were gay and straight. There were people wearing suits and there were people wearing motorcycle jackets.  And so many of them were brought to tears by what our new president had achieved – getting elected.

The dream of America that anyone could make it was proven true and so many people were proud of it. This was the Democratic Party and it seemed so very beautiful. I will keep this documentary to remind me that America is not what I see on TV every day, these days.

When I look at the new Tea Party Republicans I could not say that they represented all the people in America as was shown in Chris Matthews’ documentary. What I seem to see are White males with a few White females sprinkled in and some token members of other races.

So when we hear the venom spewed at our President, let us not forget where it’s coming from:  Mostly old White men, some crazy Black men and some crazy White females who are acting and voting against their gender. Think of this. Women actually working to put into power men who are right now destroying the rights that suffragettes have fought for since the creation of this country.

Republicans are rolling it all back and they don’t care who sees them do it. Unlike in the past, today’s Republicans are always against something or someone. But what are they for? Well for sure they are for war. They will start a war whenever and wherever they can.

One war this new Republican Party will always support, I think, will be a war against America’s Black population. This is where they can really take advantage of the ignorance they support. A main tool they use is the lack of education. Only the history of White people is taught in the schools which can and does lead people, both Black and White to think that Black people have no history worth learning about.

Whenever Black history is proposed as something to be included in a school’s curriculum, some Whites with power, males in particular, react as though you want to kill a couple of their puppies or maybe their children. They don’t want anyone to know what Whites used to teach – that Blacks, Egyptians among others had a history and a culture that held them in awe.

Many years ago, I didn’t want to learn about my people’s history. From what I had been taught in college, what I had been paying a man to teach me, was that Africans had never contributed anything to civilization; that they had never done anything worth knowing about.

So I didn’t want to know anything about a people that were so awful. Poor me. I had fallen for and was trapped in a White trick bag. But I did escape the bag. Educating myself was the key. My parents had always had a library so reading books was not an alien thing to me.

The only thing was to find the right books to read. One of the first I chose was a book called Stolen Legacy by George G.M. James. Reading it caused the scales to start falling from my eyes. This is a book that has been reprinted many times and the foreword of a recent reprint cuts to the chase by summarizing what you are about to read.

Here are a few quotes: “It was Herodotus that stated: 'Almost all the names of the gods came into Greece from Egypt. 
My inquiries prove that they were derived from a foreign source, and my opinion is that Egypt furnished the greater number…'" and “Besides these which have been mentioned, there are many other practices whereof I shall speak hereafter, which the Greeks have borrowed from Egypt…” and “Herodotus, a Greek of the 5th Century B.C.E. is accorded the honor in most reference books, of being 'The Father Of History'”.White males who were now having a hands on experience with Africans needed to re-write history in order to justify the enslavement of these Beautiful African bodies and obviously they would have a problem with these quotes.How to fix it? Take Egypt out of Africa so that Egyptians are no longer Black. And this was done. Done so well that in order to study African History in college, I had to sign up for “Oriental Studies”.  Europeans had successfully removed Egypt from the African continent.

Also, Europeans had successfully invaded Egypt, long ago. First it was done by the Hyksos or “Shepherd Kings” and they were eventually expelled. Then Alexander The Great did it and he was able to make it stick.

His people were much like foreigners moving into Hollywood, California today. They all want to be absorbed into the culture. They want to talk like and dress like Californians. They want to drive Cadillacs and other fine cars and they want it as soon as possible. They join the churches and move into the neighborhoods as soon as they can, but maybe not to lose all of their own identity in the process. But they can’t wait to look like and be like everyone and be in the movies like everyone else although it may take a few generations for some of them to get there.

Alexander’s Greeks were just like this. The ancient world had always been in awe of Egypt and now “we can be Egyptians” was all the rage and these Greeks jumped on their chance to make it happen. This is how it came to be that Greeks actually started to build Egyptian Temples and they have preserved them over the centuries, while letting those built by the Africans fall into disrepair.

I have been there and I’ve seen it and studied it under a professor of African History, Dr. Clinton Crawford of Medgar Evers College. So it is that they have an authentic Egyptian heritage but they didn’t create it, they appended it through the use of terror and force.

This is some of the history they don’t want taught. There is much, much more, probably more than even I can imagine since no-one knows what lies under those Egyptian sands. Shocking things keep popping up – like submarines, airplanes and spacecraft.

So if we keep everyone ignorant by hiding African history from our kids, both black and white, then some whites can grow up feeling justified in attacking blacks to keep them down. After all, if we don’t do it these mongrels will destroy us all instead of lifting us up again to the level of the Ancient Egyptians which most historians say in many ways is still the highest level of civilization yet achieved on this planet.


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