Mr. Cosby Blamed The Poor for Being Poor

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Bill Cosby. Photo Flickr

[Reader's Commentary]

With respect to "Bill Cosby Was A Victim of Mob Justice" by Camille Cosby, I offer these comments:

Mr. Cosby is basically a hypocrite who condemned the poor and never mentioned the perpetrators who caused their disadvantaged position in U.S. society in the first place. When he spoke at the 50th anniversary of the Brown vs. Board of Education court decision he said that poor Blacks hadn't held up their end the bargain.

He did not mention that the Supreme Court decision was not implemented although it was promised with all deliberate speed. No well to do Black dares criticize the status quo. Mrs. Cosby is showing poor judgement and would be better remaining silent through the appeals process.

Unlike Richard Pryor, who did deal with the reality of being Black in America, Cosby portrayed an imagined character with completely bourgeois values acceptable to the mainstream. Cosby was also philanhropic but only to a very selective few.

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