Not Syria -- Regime Change Should Start in Chicago

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Many in the American government believe that regime change will be good for the people.

There are definitely cases where this is true. Chicago would be a much better place than Syria to accomplish this.

In Syria the U.S. has little capacity to do anything but disrupt and destroy. In Chicago with the close relationship between president Obama and mayor Rahm Emanuel the situation is quite different.

With a little push from the president the people of Chicago could be relieved from the uncaring regime of the mayor. The people are very unhappy with the way Mr. Emanuel is handling the various crises facing the city.

The mayor has been callous toward the victims of police terror and irresponsible in the handling of the city's fiscal affairs. There is little trust that the mayor is capable of doing the right thing.

The president has the responsibility to protect the lives and interests of the city's residents and can do so by using his influencee to change the regime now ruling the city of Chicago.

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