"Outraged" By St. Louis Teargassing Of Protestors Rev. Sharpton Speaks To Police Chief Belmar

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Rev. Al Sharpton spoke this morning by phone to, St. Louis County Police Chief John Belmar.

After a candid exchange Sharpton has called on the Department of Justice and others to monitor what is going on in Ferguson, MO on the ground; after a night where police arrested reporters and others and tear gassed people protesting.

"I told Chief Belmar that I was outraged by what I have seen on TV since leaving Ferguson and that we must not have excessive force to deal with legitimate protest of excessive force," Sharpton said. "We want to solve the problem, not create new ones. Even if we disagree this climate is not good for anyone and is dangerous for everyone."

Sharpton further announced that representatives of National Action Network (NAN) that have been on the ground since the weekend and local leaders that live there will be in a 10am meeting this morning with local police on this matter.

Rev. Sharpton is awaiting the outcome of the meeting to determine which day he will return to Ferguson. Sharpton spent two days in Ferguson at the request of the parents of Michael Brown, the unarmed 18 year old killed by police.He held a press conference and rally with the family calling for justice for their son and for peaceful protests. He has said we must have solutions for the on-going problems around police and community around the country and pledged to return to Ferguson to work on solutions. National Action Network will aid the family in having a proper funeral for their son. 

Rev. De-Ves Toon of NAN's National Field Department and others are prepared to return to the area with Rev. Sharpton based on the advice of their local leaders after this mornings meeting.



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