Police Brutality: Nothing Will Change As Long As Judges Make Political Rulings

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Remember how judge and prosecutor moved venue of King trial? It's all politics, reader says.

With respect to "Bobby Rush Does The Right Thing....Wants Benghazi-type Panel on Police Killings"

The judges who hear cases of police violence and the prosecutors must stop giving political decisions instead of legal ones which grant impunity.

Going back to the case of Rodney King in 1992 the prosecutor and judge allowed the case to be moved to a venue where the political decision was made to exonerate the guilty officers. This type of judicial manipulation is a deliberate ignoring of the law in favor of supporting the unwritten political agenda of police departments all over the country.

We have focused almost exclusively on the individual officer which is a mistake -- impunity can only come from the collaboration of prosecutors and judges. Until each case is subject to strict scrutiny and the courts are forced to do their jobs there will be no change.



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