Police Crimes, Like Lynchings 70 Years Ago, Is A National Emergency

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It was never about William Bratton.

Police chiefs do not make police policies, they only carry our policies determined by the federal bureau of investigation and local chambers of commerce.

The militarization of local police forces isn't something they sat down and decided they needed. That decision was made at the national level and all police commanders follow it regardless of their personal views.

The fact that the courts always protect police misbehavior and crmininality isn't a local issue but something we see all across the country. Until the federal government changes its agenda there will be no change in police guidelines.

Going into history, for decades Black leaders asked Franklin D. Roosevelt for federal protection against lynching because they knew that it wasn't a local issue and local authorities couldn't be trusted to do justice anyway.

Today 70 years later the federal government still refuses to use its authority to control vicious police tactics.

As a result ordinary citizens must take to the streets to demand remedies. We are witnessing an inexcusable dereliction of duty on the part of the president and the Justice Department.

This failure to protect the people causes other problems.


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