POST-MORTEM ELECTION 2016 -- Could've Been President Sanders

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Sanders--The man who could've been president

This election cycle was the year of the insurgent candidates'; the non-traditional candidates'.
Both were White males.
One was an outright racist bully, misogynist, anti-immigrants, Islamophob who managed to hold on to some of the money his father gave him by gaming the system. He'd lure investors and when the schemes soured he'd take his cut then declare bankruptcy and leave them holding the bag.
The other was a Democratic-Socialist senator from Vermont who very few had ever heard of.
It was the year of Donald Trump versus Bernie Sanders.
This much was made clear during the primaries; judging by the energy of Trump's supporters and the energy of Sanders' supporters at their respective rallies.
The RNC and the Republican establishment did everything it could to derail Trump's path to the candidacy and failed.
The DNC and the Democratic establishment did everything in its power to derail Sanders' path to the nomination and succeeded.
Once Sanders and his supporters were removed from the starting lineup Trump pretty much had a clear path to the White House.
So stop talking about Clinton getting "only" 88% of the Black vote to Obama's 93%.
Thanks to the DNC, and thanks to several slanted stories in The New York Times whenever Sander's won a primary, the lineup was for Nov. 8 was affected.
This election cycle was the year of the insurgent candidates'; the non-traditional candidates'.
There was only one non-traditional candidate on the ballot on Nov. 8 -- he's now heading to The White House.

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