Protest: Taking A Dump On Trump

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[In Plain Language]

On Saturday March 12, 2016 a group of protesters conducted an anti-Trump rally at the Trump International Hotel and Tower located in Columbus Circle, New York City.

The colorful display led by a Brooklyn artist and parodist by the name Tom Hanksy  included a marching band and about a 100 marchers in white overalls holding up artistic depictions of the leading Republican Presidential candidate with the hashtag #DumpAcrossAmerica. 

While the protesters were not allowed inside, they occupied the external areas of the hotel and entrance under the watchful eyes of City police and Trump Hotel building guards.

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has been the target of numerous protests as a result of incendiary rhetoric against certain immigrant groups, particularly Mexicans. Trump has also called for a temporary ban against all Muslims to protect the country from terrorism.

Before the protesters left Hanksy produced a megaphone and addressed the assembled, “He’s racist sexist anti-gay. Donald Trump is the KKK. So show up on Election Day, make your vote count and dump Trump”.

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