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True Thanksgiving--from the hearts and minds

[Black Star News Editorial]

The best Thanksgiving gifts can't be bought at MACY'S or any other department store.

Good-ness can never be commercialized.

The most priceless gifts come from our hearts and minds.

Many of the best gifts are the little things in life.

Let's be thankful for: the good health we enjoy; for being free of pain; for having access to food and medical care; for having a roof over our heads; and, for all our wonderful relatives and friends.

Let's do whatever we can for those who are in need and for those who are in ill-health, physical and mental, and for those who are in constant pain.

Let's each do, individually and collectively, whatever we can, to make this world a better place.

Let's share any skills we have, to educate others, children and adults, on how they too can help make this a better world.

Let's resist those who are in positions of power when they abuse the authority entrusted in them by voters and when they fail to do the right thing.

Let's always side with people who are fighting to free themselves from the yoke of tyranny and corruption, all over the world, so that they can have the freedom to freely express themselves, to elect their leaders, and to determine their destiny.

Let's resist the unhealthy control exerted by mega corporations over all aspects of our lives, here and globally.

Let's take a moment to reflect upon the horrific genocides, enslavement of Africans, and exterminations, Including of Native Americans, that have been committed as a result of greed.

Let's always remember that life is short; what we hope to do tomorrow, do today. We must never live to regret a lost moment.

Let's not stress or worry much over the things we know we can't control or change.

Let's remember that sometimes we have to let some things go in order to open new doors of opportunity.

Let's remember how temporary, fleeting, and meaningless material worldly possessions really are.

Let's surprise a stranger occasionally with acts of profound kindness without expectations of reciprocity.

Let's remember that the most valuable gifts can never be reduced to a sticker price.

True Thanksgiving comes from our hearts and minds. They  allow us to influence and transform other people.

That's how we change the world.


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