The Problem With Bligots -- Black Bigots Who Hold Us Back

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Cornel West can't find a single thing Obama's done right

[Beneath The Spin]

No one can deny that racism is holding the Black community down - but it’s not just White racism, it’s also the racist attitudes that some Black people have against other Black people.

I’ve said this many times before, but I’m going to say it again. Black people are the product of the very same racist environment as White people, so many of the weaker-minded among us are just as racist towards other Black people as any sheet-wearing Hillbilly. I call it "bligotry" - Black-on-Black bigotry.

As a direct result of Bligotry, we refuse to patronize one another’s business efforts, and many Black business owners try to get rich on one sell when more enlightened Black people even try to patronize them. As a result, we can’t come together to get a financial foothold in society. So we’re not going to be able to address the issue of Black upward mobility until we begin to see bligotry for what it really is. And no, bligotry it’s not self-hatred, as many people suggest, because in order to be a self-hating Black person, you have to recognize your Blackness.

People who suffer from bligotry don’t hate themselves at all, and neither do they, necessarily, hate other Black people. They simply look upon Black people with disdain, and they think that we're beneath them as individuals. You’ll often hear them say among themselves things like, "You know how niggas are" - meaning, "those others."

That’s why such people think they’re qualified to tell the Black community what to think. They've convinced themselves that they're an intellectual aberration that an accident of birth caused to be born with Black skin. They know they’re Black, and they love the idea of having "soul" and "rhythm." They also like being able to lay-claim to people like Ray Charles, Miles Davis, and John Coltrane - but they tend to believe there’s a distinct genetic difference between themselves and those "ignit niggas."

They think they’re what Black people were intended to be, but the average Black person is some sort of inferior genetic mutation. That explains why generally the first thing that comes out of the mouths of people like Allen West, Larry Elder, Clarence Thomas, Alan Keyes, or a Ben Carson, is an attack on Black people, generally using President Obama as their Black "poster boy."

But let there be no doubt about it, when they attack Barack Obama, they’re just using the president as a symbol to attack us all.

That’s why they have such unfathomable political views, because they’re politics consist of two issues - first, self-service, and secondly, to declare to the world that "I’m different from those other Black people that you don’t like; and I don’t blame you for not liking ‘em, because I don’t like ‘em either." That’s the extent of their political views.

But not all of these "Un-niggas" as they deem themselves to be are conservative. Some go to the other extreme.

People like Tavis Smiley, Cornel West, and Boyce Watkins fall into this group. While they too play into conservatives’ hands, they take a different tact. They embrace what I call the "Moses Syndrome." These Un-niggas believe that Black people are so stupid that we need them to lead us.

But since their primary agenda is exactly the same as the conservative un-nigga (self-service, and to prove to the world that they are more "special" than the average Black person) the minute the Black community’s interest is in conflict with their own, Black people can just stand by to have their throats cut.

That explains why one minute Cornel West can be in front of a crowd spewing the most militant Black rhetoric, and the next minute can be sitting on a television panel with a reactionary and refer to him as "my dear brother ...."

The reason for that is, his primary agenda is not to move the Black community forward. His primary agenda is to be seen, and to gain public admiration and approval. That also explains why in spite of all of his rhetoric with respect to his love for Black people, and in spite of how dire the need for quality educators in the Black community, West has never taught in a Black setting in his entire career. The fact is, it’s personally inconvenient for him. It’s one of those cases where the Black community’s needs are in conflict with his own, so we lose.

West gains more personal wealth and fame at Harvard, Princeton, and Yale, teaching the sons and daughters of the people that he’s constantly telling us is the enemy. So the only time you’ll see Cornel West at a predominantly Black institution is if they pay him $30,000 to do a one-hour drive-by.

Thus, the Un-niggas don’t see the Black community as one people. They’re segregationists. They divide our community into two segments - sophisticated and intelligent Black people "like themselves" (generally including all light-skinned Black people and ALL beautiful sisters, whether intelligent or not), and those other niggas who are holding them down. So they feel they have every right to use and victimize "those others" to advance themselves to their "rightful" place in society - thus, Tavis Smiley and the Wells Fargo "Ghetto Loan" scam. And unfortunately, far too many Black preachers are among the Un-niggas.

Herman Cain described their attitude best when he said, "I'm a brother from another mother." They tend to think they're cut from a different clothe than other Black people, and are therefore, superior.

That's why many such people hate President Obama so passionately, because his very presence is a pie in the face of their delusions of grandeur. Their attitude is, "How in the Hell did that nigga get to the White House over me?" And if you listen closely to what they’re actually saying, the message is, "Aw, Obama ain’t all that; he’s just another nigga like you - I’m the one you should be lookin’ up to - I’m the true Un-nigga."

It’s this kind of attitude by some Black people that’s holding us down. They cause division and strife within the Black community.



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