The Things Museveni Won't Say --including once praising Hitler's smarts-- When He Addresses United Nations

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U.N. Secretary General Guterres, sees no evil and hears no evil in sanitizing Gen. Museveni. Photo: UN

When Uganda's dictator Gen. Yoweri Museveni addresses the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday September 19 he will definitely not talk about his past comments denigrating enslaved Africans or praising Adolph Hitler.

Instead, Gen. Museveni will likely talk about the need to halt conflicts such as the one now raging in South Sudan which has sent more than one million refugees into Uganda and caused the deaths of tens of thousands.

He will likely thank world leaders and the United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres for hosting a global summit in Uganda in June called the "Uganda Solidarity Summit for Refugees."

Museveni will likely also thank the world for raising more than $300 million to take care of the refugees; the aim was to raise $2 billion. He will also urge support for the on-going campaign to raise billions of dollars more. (Warning, Museveni's regime is so corrupt that even though he's a U.S. "ally" the American ambassador to Uganda Deborah Maloc condemned government officials last year for embezzling money meant for healthcare).

Gen. Museveni won't tell the world that the refugees are in Uganda because he helped push South Sudan into apocalyptic nightmare by invading in December 2013 to support President Salva Kiir during a political dispute with Vice President Riek Machar and using cluster bombs against civilians as documented by Human Rights Watch.

He won't tell the world that the refugees are in Uganda because he and his puppet president in South Sudan Salva Kiir have created maximum chaos and unleashed massacres in South Sudan. This is the price Kiir has had to pay for Museveni's support to sustain his regime in power; to join Museveni's military in the slaughter of his own citizens in order to create the refugee calamity, which is a gift to Museveni as it temporarily diverts attention from the war crimes he and Kiir are committing in South Sudan.

Museveni's brilliant diabolical scheme --shedding crocodile tears for South Sudanese refugees-- diverts attention away from the Report of the Group of Experts on South Sudan submitted to the UN Security Council in April, 2017.

That report documents Uganda's role in the South Sudan massacres and calls for an arms embargo to prevent weapons from reaching Salva Kiir through Uganda.

It also documents how a Hungarian mercenary pilot, Tibor Czingáli, working for Museveni's airforce has conducted bombing missions against targets in South Sudan from Uganda.

Museveni's enablers, including the United States administration and the United Nations --represented by U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley and Secretary General Guterres-- all know about this report which indicts Museveni and Kiir. Not only was the report debated by the Security Council in April; it is posted on the website of the United Nations. So the UN member states, in order to accomodate Gen. Museveni, are ignoring their own evidence of his and Kiir's crimes in South Sudan. Diabolical meets diabolical.

So when Gen. Museveni, the butcher of South Sudan, takes the podium and says "Mister President, your excellencies, ladies and gentlemen..." and launches into his speech before the General Assembly, the people listening, including world leaders and diplomats, will pretend that they are not listening to the words of a diabolical killer.

They will pretend that they don't know the Gen. Museveni who is the leading cause of death in South Sudan, in Congo (invaded by Museveni multiple times since 1996), in Rwanda (invaded in 1990) and in Uganda (brutalized in his 31 years in power) through his militarism.

They will also pretend that they don't know that --and many may not, considering how major corporate media such as the BBC, CNN, and The New York Times shield Museveni-- he's made statements, including the one about Hitler, that would earn him rebuke if he wasn't such a useful puppet himself for Western interests in Africa; much as the late Mobutu of Congo had been a useful Western tool for decades.

Here are some of the statements he's made that Gen. Museveni wouldn't want to repeat to his audience at the General Assembly on September 19:

1. On February 24, 2014, after he signed into law the anti-LGBT bill in Uganda, which included life-imprisonment, he declared that Ugandan scientists needed to conduct experiments on them. He said "...somebody must meet them to rehabilitate them and to study them...Scientists should meet them, study them, take their blood, look at their genetics." He also told CNN that Gay people were "disgusting."

2. Two decades earlier, here’s what Gen. Museveni told a writer in an interview published in The Atlantic Monthly Magazine’s September 1994 edition (Vol. 274 Issue 3 page 22): “I have never blamed the whites for colonizing Africa: I have never blamed these whites for taking slaves. If you are stupid, you should be taken a slave."

3. In 1998, while speaking in Uganda, Gen. Museveni made the following comments published in The Shariat (Vol. II No.15, April 15-21, 1998), about Hitler, whose militarism he has emulated in East and Central Africa with the invasions of neighboring countries: “As Hitler did to bring Germany together, we should also do it here. Hitler was a smart guy, but I think he went a bit too far by wanting to conquer the world."

Yes, this is the same person, Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who will be applauded by Secretary General Guterres and other world leaders today.

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