Under Attack Across United States, African Americans Awaiting God's Salvation

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Latest outrage is commando-type assault of student by weight-lifting fiend, Ben Fields, a cop in Spring Valley, South Carolina; he's not been arrested

[Letter To The Editor]

It is impossible to look at the news and not acknowledge that Black Americans are under a serious low intensity attack by local government authorities all over the country.

What used to be a problem in the Deep South is now nationwide. Thirty-five million Blacks constitute the largest oppressed group of people on earth. Can they fight back?

Of course they can but their spokesmen are afraid of the consequences of challenging America's strength. We don't want to be massacred but we insist on remaining in the country while we are being killed by the inch.

We don't want to upset White America with our problems and be a nuisance and we find it expedient to submit to continuous terror and harassment. No one in authority has made concrete efforts to stop these assaults and murders.

We are in a fight that we didn't start of choose to be in and we haven't developed any alternatives. We fight each other at the drop of a hat over even minor problems but sit by and let cowardly police do anything they want and then go home and laugh.




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