Without the U.S. Destruction of Libya There would be no Slave Auctions today

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Clinton meets in Tripoli with U.S.-backed rebels soon after Quathafi's is overthrown. Source: YouTube 

With Hillary Clinton riding shotgun from the State Department the President Obama authorized U.S. intervention and interference in the illegal overthow of the Libyan government of Muammar Qadaffi.

Anti-Qadaffi forces committed crimes that were ignored along their way to power. However when the criminal is the American government it is impossible to bring the perpetrators to justice.

What was the most prosperous country in Africa has become a hell hole and slave market for Africans seeking a better life abroad. None of this would have happened if President Obama and the government he represented had minded its own business.

Unfortunately this wasn't the only time that the first Black president acted against the interests and well being of Black people internationally. In March 2011, Bertand Aristide, the elected president of Haiti who was kidnapped by the U.S. mililtary and Colin Powell, announced that he was coming home from forced exile in South Africa where he obtained a doctoral degree in language. How did President Barack Obama react? He personally called President Zuma of South Africa and told him that the return of President Aristide would be problematic at that point in time. President Zuma refused Obama's request and Aristide, accompanied by Danny Glover, was able to come back to the land of his birth. 

Let us look at the facts even if they contradict the false image which the public has about our former president. Actions have results and we must be honest if we dare to speak truth to power and move ahead.

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