Critical Race Theory Controversy Is Illustrating Rising Insanity In White America

A portion of white America has lost its collective mind, and grip on reality
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A portion of white America has lost its collective mind, and grip on reality–which is worsening with the ongoing changing racial complexion of the country.

These Americans are currently living in white denial and engaging in any number of self-delusions that can be witnessed in their increasingly unhinged rantings about a stolen election, about immigrants coming across the border to replace them, and now the new bogeyman: critical race theory.

A mental health intervention may be too late for these white supremacist loonies.

Of course, the legal term critical race theory has been bastardized by them to mean anything about race discussions in America that make these backward boneheads feel uncomfortable about their warped white worldview. This right-wing minority is petrified by the demographic changes they are witnessing before their very eyes.

This is why they elected their not so great white hope savior Donald (jackass) Trump–and why they engaged in an attempted coup on Congress to overthrow the U.S. Government. For them, non-white people being allowed to sit at the pinnacle of American political power is just simply intolerable.

The past decade has truly been a terrifying time for these MAGA supporters.

First, the unthinkable happened in November 2008: a Black man (with a funny Muslim sounding name) became the President of these United States–and moved into the White House residence, with his Black First Lady and Black brood to boot. Then, he had the nerve to appoint another Black man to be the first Black Attorney General of these United States, and nominated the first Latino woman to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Even worse, the nation now has a Black woman serving as the Vice-President–one step away from sitting at the Resolute Desk. What the hell is going on in America? Isn’t this supposed to be a white country?

Unfortunately, for these folks, being white is losing its once superior power.

This is the essence of why these white repressives are so mad. This is why they are violently turning up at school board meetings screaming and threatening educators and administrators. This is why, with the help of Trumpian Republicans, they are now banning books from schools–which are supposed to be institutions of learning.

Will book burning exorcisms be next? Toni Morrison’s masterpiece “Beloved” is one of the latest books to be targeted by these conservative crackpots.

White America has always been dishonest in telling those uncomfortable inconvenient historical truths that speak to slavery and the historic economic exploitation of African-Americans–who are the real wealth creators in America. But as Winston Churchill once said: “History is written by the victors.”

The white teaching of America has always been about telling stories of great things in American history, even if they are nothing more than fabricated feel-good tales. And even when these folks talk about legitimately great things which have occurred in America they always propagandize the fiction that they were always only performed by white people, to the exclusion of everyone else.

But this one-sided white telling of the American story is no longer viable as the country moves toward becoming a majority-minority country. But these Trump conservatives are now dedicated to suppressing the dissemination of information, particularly in the public schools, that don’t conform to their white-people-built-everything-in-America-therefore-they-are-superior bullshit narrative.

The attack on the 1619 project, and the whitelash against Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones, is an important flashpoint event in understanding the now full-fledged assault on anything that challenges the white-washed “history” these people are comfortable with.

History has always been used as a tool to coverup the bad and the ugly in America. The crimes against humanity that were perpetrated against millions of kidnaped African slaves could never be included in their version of the American story. The Black-skinned victims had to be turned into shiftless, criminal, bestial, brutes to excuse and shield those who profited from exploiting Black bodies under the American sun.

The white elites gave the average white American the pseudo-science concept of white-skin superiority so they could ensure that these whites wouldn’t form bonds of solidarity with Blacks–like what happened during the infamous Bacon’s Rebellion, which created much fear for the slave-owning ruling class Founding Fathers. By creating and instituting racial division and separation these filthy rich plantation masters, and their political representatives, could exploit both groups.

This psychological white-skin supremacy ideology has worked like a charm in concretizing skin color prejudice right up to the present, as we see with these rabid right-wingers who now represent “a clear and present danger” to America's national security because of the fear that their white privilege status is now slowly ending.

The Jan. 6 coup attempt on Congress may well be a dress rehearsal for the new coming racial civil war--especially since the main coup plotters are still at large, and no serious sentence has yet been handed down. The rest of us had better start paying close attention to these violent crazies who are armed to the teeth and hungry for blood. They are homicidal and suicidal. They want the old Jim Crow America where uppity niggers were beaten back into their place–if not lynched, like strange southern fruit, from the nearest tree.

"Make America great again" always meant making it white again. This noise about critical race theory represents the attempts to make American history white again by whitewashing out the difficult truths.

The danger of the moment should now be underestimated. More instances of white violence are coming. Can we depend upon American “justice” to protect us? Will these people be prosecuted and punished?

This week, Kenosha County Circuit Judge Bruce Schroeder, who is presiding over the trial of killer Kyle Rittenhouse told prosecutors that the two dead victims (Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber) and wounded victim (Gaige Grosskruetz) could not be called victims.

According to Judge Schroeder, the word victim is too much of a “loaded” word. However, he said Rittenhouse’s lawyers could refer to them as “rioters, looters and arsonists” even though there is zero evidence that these victims were anything other than peaceful white protesters showing solidarity with Black victims of trigger-happy racial policing.

This kind of double standard in the so-called criminal justice system increases the likelihood that these MAGA Trump terrorist types will plot and engage in more heinous acts of violence. Kyle Rittenhouse comes from the same sick environment as those who assaulted Capitol Hill police officers during the Jan 6th coup attempt on Congress.

The current brouhaha regarding critical race theory is being used as a tool for racial agitation by this very violent faction from racist regressive white America.

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