Herman Cain: Racism is "Dead"

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Black Republican candidate Herman Cain on Fox News Channel’s Hannity

Last weekend Black Republican candidate Herman Cain on Fox News Channel’s Hannity said, “I don’t believe racism in this country today holds back anybody in a big way.” He followed it with, “People sometimes use racism to hold themselves back and to blame racism for whatever it is that they fail to achieve.” Being that Harlem is the center of Black life, I once again hit 125th Street—it’s busiest business strip—to get a response from those Cain may be implicitly speaking to; the brother man.

When asked if he believed racism still existed Ernesto Johnson, a DJ activist, said he found the question to be insulting. “The education system alone speaks for itself. Look at the white kids versus the black ones. It’s an adventure for them [black children]. They have to pass security detections just to enter the building,” said Johnson. Johnson also suggested that people revisit 1983’s film Trading Places with Eddie Murphy. Here Murphy is depicted as a homeless street hustler (Billie Ray Valentine) who unknowingly gets entangled in a bet between two white and wealthy brokers. In the experimentation, Valentine is given a large lump sum of money and observed over the next couple of months to examine how he utilizes it. Valentine not only becomes an estimable businessman but proves to be a well-mannered individual who applies his new insight to life both at work and in the ‘hood. “Everyone has a will and a desire to succeed. However, it’s about people having access and an opportunity…” continues Johnson.

Although he agrees with Cain’s statements to an extent, Johnson believes that this is not a time to divide as a ‘folk’. “We don’t have to agree on everything but we do need to stand together on important matters,” says Johnson with a sense of urgency in his voice. “Congress tends to promote a certain kind of black candidate. The kind that is consistent with the system that keeps us [Blacks] suppressed… We’re always being told to stop complaining. I’ve never heard Obama or Herman Cain tell the tea party to stop complaining.” Johnson sternly expresses.

Longtime friends, Ms. Smith and Mr. Collin believe that racism is not only real but that it still exists today. “As individuals we make our own decision. Yes. What black person doesn’t want to live good,” asked Ms. Smith. “We’re all trying to have something to get somewhere. It’s hard out here,” added Mr. Collin. “The white man still chooses what to feed you like you’re a slave again” he continues. Having lost over 75% of 16 million acres that was once black-owned land, and receiving only minimal stipulations in all aspects concerning human civilization—education, health insurance, housing, monetary compensation—could Mr. Collin be right?

Aternity, who is known in the neighborhood as the black ‘street fighter’, is a passionate street activist. “Black spirit detonation wasn’t there in the 1950s…From long ago, they [the upper class] have been systematic in the breeding of black mentality and what it is today,” says Aternity. “Things we were never exposed to where brought into our
neighborhoods. Guns, booze, drugs. These were their weapons of destruction” she continues. In similarity to Johnson’s earlier comment, Aternity believes that blacks are always told to wait it out. She also brought awareness to the fact that our patience has for decades been leading to our removal and dismissal. We at Black Star News agree! Just take a good look at Harlem today. What is your conclusion?

*Aternity told me to send this special message from her heart to the Black Star News readers: “I love BLACK people”

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