Schumer Again Calls For Speedy Confirmation Of Loretta Lynch

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Senator Schumer meets Ms. Lynch

Senator Charles Schumer has once again called for the speedy confirmation of U.S. Attorney General designate, Loretta Lynch, after a meeting Tuesday.

In a statement, Schumer said: “Loretta Lynch is a consummate professional, has a first-rate legal mind and is committed in her bones to the equal application of justice for all people. I was proud to recommend her to be the US Attorney for my home community of the Eastern District of New York, and I am prouder still to champion what must be her swift confirmation in the Senate.  I haven’t heard a single objection to Loretta Lynch’s qualifications or record.  Republicans may be upset about the recent executive action on immigration; that’s fine, but it should not affect the confirmation of such a qualified nominee for Attorney General. With all of the challenges our nation faces – from the growing threat of terrorism by ISIS and Al Qaeda, to a heroin epidemic that is ravaging small towns and large cities alike, to civil rights unrest across the country in the wake of Ferguson, and the continued assault on voting rights – it would be irresponsible in the extreme for the Republicans to delay her confirmation in any way.”

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