Tim Scott In Blackface Serves His Republican Massas By Killing George Floyd Bill

Senator Tim Scott has just used his Black face to kill the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act
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South Carolina Senator Tim Scott has just used his Black face to kill the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, in the U.S. Senate, to please his white right-wing masters in the Republican Party–to the detriment of Black Americans.

We shouldn’t be surprised.

Uncle Scott is one of a handful of Blacks who are employed by Republicans particularly as trump-cards to stop progress on issues important for African-Americans, and to shield the GOP from being called out as bigots. In this case, because Scott has Black skin, and was the lead Republican “negotiator,” in the police reform discussions, Republicans will argue their opposition to the legislation has nothing to do with racial politics. This is because we’re supposed to believe Scott would presumably object.

But since Senator step-and-fetch-it Scott, like his main massa Senator Lindsey Graham, has been protecting the current king of American racism, Donald Trump, he is surely nothing more that a Black man working for those who uphold white supremacy in domestic political policy. And Scott just helped them tremendously by wasting some 200 days of the Democrats time.

The Republican plan all along was to derail any deal on police accountability–and Scott was given the mission to use his Black skin to achieve those ends. And so he did.

The Republicans never had any intention of holding the murderous Klan-like scum who wear blue and extinguish Black lives accountable. They were stalling for time by using their Black lackey Senator Timmy.

One clue that this “bi-partisan” deal was doomed to fail, is the fact that numerous police groups were involved in blessing the framework of any legislation that would emerge from these discussions. These are the same police groups who time and again tell us everything is just fine with American policing and who insist there is no institutional racism inside the institution of American policing. These are the very police leaders who repeatedly make excuses for racist, trigger-happy, criminal cops.

Besides the institutional racism problem that police have, they also have a credibility and lack of integrity problem.

How many times have police been revealed as brazen liars–falsifying press reports, not to mention official documents, and such, in so many cases of police abuse and murder? Did the press release account of the murder of George Floyd resemble anything like what we saw on the video shot by a brave Black 17-year-old girl?

Senator Scott and Republicans are now running interference for these unscrupulous police unions and groups who have no intention of stopping their longstanding bigoted brutality of the Black community. And, it is very helpful to have unprincipled Black politicians to help them argue that racism in police departments is just one of “a few bad apples.”

Why would we think those that protect corrupt cops–who love to abuse and kill Black people–can be trusted to negotiate in good faith on laws that would disempower them from aiding-and-abetting their cop partners in crime? We the people must force change upon these regressive untrustworthy police unions and their leadership.

And those who wear Black skin in the political sphere, that conspire with those who want to continue the criminalization and repression of Black America, must be shown for who they are: just opportunists with no moral compass.

Tim Scott is now talking trash about the reasons for the collapse of these negotiations. He is using the Republican bogeyman phrasing saying that Democrats just want to “defund the police,” as his excuse. But Scott used his Black skin here to obstruct meaningful legislative change that would have positively impacted Black America, to please his benefactors Sen. Lindsey Graham, Sen. Mitch McConnell, and higher ups, like Donald Trump.

The Republicans love their good behaving Black boy Tim Scott. Republicans will hide behind Scott’s Black skin and say they aren’t being racist in their opposition to the George Floyd Policing Act. But this is the same GOP Party that is now enacting laws across America to weaken the vote of Black Americans.

Why would these types of people want to stop the criminalization–or, police killings of Black people? Aren’t these the folks who have always endorsed our brutalization?

We now heard some of these same Republicans saying that MAGA Trump terrorist, Ashli Babbitt, killed during the Capitol Hill coup attempt, was a victim of police murder. Some have even called for an investigation into her death, even though we know she was shot in the company of lawbreakers who threatened the lives of Democratic lawmakers.

They do this while making excuses for the ghost-skin police who continually kill and murder Black folk. And the supposed “rule of law” Republican Party, that Scott obediently works for, acts as if we’re all too dumb to see the flagrant hypocrisy they are perpetrating.

Scott is representative of a type of Black person who has long been detrimental to the progress of African-Americans: an ambitious individual who will sellout his people to obtain ill-gotten gains. Since his loyalty is to the Republicans who gave him power and prestige he should be treated by Black America as what he is to our people: nothing but a Black Benedict Arnold, or Judas Iscariot type.

The Republican Party mantra of “law and order” was always political code signalling the green-light to further suppress the human rights of African-Americans. They really never cared about the “law”–regardless of how much noise they make about the “rule of law.” If they did why do they continue to protect those who used violence–ironically, against police officers–in a clear attempt to overthrow American democracy and reinstall Trump as the dictator president?

The only part of the “law and order” phrase that Republicans care about is the order part. That is the order of white male minority rule. This is why these phonies, who claim to be “pro-life,” remain silent when Black people are repeatedly, unjustly, killed and murdered by America’s white-controlled police force. And that is why they were never going to help enact the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.

These are the people Tim Scott has sold his soul to.

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