Rep. Rangel Lauds New U.S. Cuba Policy And Calls For End To Embargo

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Rep. Rangel

Congressman Charles B. Rangel issued the following after the release of President Barack Obama's new rules easing trade and travel restrictions with Cuba:

"I applaud President Barack Obama's recent deregulations easing travel and trade restrictions with Cuba. These sweeping changes follow the President's landmark address announcing our intention to normalize relations with the Caribbean nation.  These recent regulations represent a concrete step in an effort to build a mutually beneficial relationship between our two countries.

The new rules build on legislation I first introduced in the House of Representatives in 1993 to allow free and open trade with Cuba. The President's policies will allow many more Americans to visit the island, enable U.S. and Cuban companies to conduct business together, and lift restrictions on humanitarian assistance to the country. Ending the embargo will benefit both nations' economies, creating an estimated 6,000 American jobs and returning the $1.2 billion annually lost as a result of the embargo.

We should welcome the change of counterproductive policies that are rooted in a Cold War long since finished. I am so pleased to see that President Obama has taken this courageous step. The more ties we have abroad, the more opportunities we have to grow our economy, share our democratic values and secure allies in our fight against global threats."



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