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McConnell, Boehner, Cantor. There goes the neighborhood again

[Black Star News Editorial]

Today the Republicans' Three Favorite Words are: "Benghazi; IRS; and, AP."

These three words will keep Republicans "busy" until November 2014 -- or so they hope.

Instead of negotiating a major jobs bill to ensure that the recovery continues and grows rapidly, with millions of new jobs created, Republicans will say: "Benghazi; IRS; and, AP."

Instead of concluding comprehensive immigration reform legislation this summer Republicans will say: "Benghazi; IRS; and, AP."

Instead of admitting that the deficit is now being reduced at a record rate and becoming more flexible on raising new revenue Republicans will say: "Benghazi; IRS; and, AP."

Instead of working on serious gun law reform --background checks, reducing maximum rounds per magazine, controlling access to assault rifles, and uncontrolled sales at gun shows-- Republicans will say: "Benghazi; IRS; and, AP."

Instead of working with Democrats to ensure the that Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security remain viable, Republicans will say: "Benghazi; IRS; and, AP."

Instead of working with Democrats to improve the health care law Republicans will keep trying to destroy it while saying: "Benghazi; IRS; and, AP."

The Republicans have found rationalization to justify what they excelled in during Obama's first term: being the Party of No.

Meanwhile: more young Americans could be massacred by an unhinged gunman without gun law reforms; the economy suffers and millions of Americans remain unemployed; fewer Americans will have access to healthcare including women who need it the most; undocumented immigrants remain on the underground economy; and, all Americans dependent on entitlement programs live under great uncertainty and fears.

This myopic and suicidal approach to politics could help Republicans in the tribal politics that often determines midterm elections; especially in races for House seats.

Come 2016 Republicans will lose the votes that determine the outcome of the presidential election: those of Blacks, Latinos, women, and young voters.

And so it goes.




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