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Dr. Joyce Watford, an Educator and a Descendant of America’s Slaves

February 8, 2017

How much more time will it take to stop a very perverse, in-your-face, exclusive, extreme right-wing Republican politics, from ramrodding its regressive, backwards, backwoods, nationalistic, white supremacy racism down our—and the global community’s—throats?

When will we say enough to Trumpism and the sweeping legalism of Confederacy angst and/or baggage in the ultimate revenge to take “their” country back?

The Civil War was fought and lost over a hundred years ago, but a faction of misfits and castaways, calling themselves the “real” Americans, have never reconciled with the loss of the war and, hence, have continued to resist the country’s progressive moves into modern times, to this very day. These “real” Americans are really the descendants of “waste people,” considered the scum of the Anglo-Saxon human barrel but who, today, because of all of the eugenic and social interventions, including reforms, which they have historically and systemically benefited from, have transformed them into the only “privileged” beneficiaries of racial/social come-uppance reforms and/or reinventions and uplifts, resulting in the sustained privileges and entitlements they enjoy today, at the expense of other non-white Americans.   

Their rise up the social ladder has finally paid off for them, enabling them today to take over the country they lost over a hundred years ago. Presently, they now sit in the “Cat Bird’s” seat and in the Oval Office so that they can now say, with confidence, to those of us in opposition to their very vile politics and ideologies, “If you don’t like it, you can leave!”

This retort is more than dangerous; it is catastrophic!  And the time for civility is over!

We are at war with ourselves, again, no less than we were over a hundred years ago, which threw us into the nation’s first Civil War.  We are now on the brink of the second one, if we exclusive Americans do not rise up and halt the opposition as we did more than a hundred years ago—but more perfectly this time!

The time is upon us, right now, to act responsibly and take off the gloves to stop the Incompetence and Insanity of Trumpism before the nooses are tightened around all of our necks! 

Neither one man nor one political party (or group), Constitutionally, has monopolyof our government which, Constitutionally, was not crafted as a Monarchy.

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