Battle Royale? Why Doth POTUS Proteseth "Fake News" Daily?

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He does protest too loudly

Why does President Trump and his top press and communications officials either tweet or mention the word "fake news" multiple times every day?
Even his senior advisor Steve Bannon and chief of staff Reince Priebus have joined the routine.
Is it because POTUS knows that one or more of the several stories that are out there will eventually mushroom and lead to the end of his presidency? Has POTUS concluded that his only option is to strike pre-emptively, and daily, to delegitimize all media that carry stories he doesn't like as "fake" in order to undermine the articles --especially the ones that may not be out yet-- he fears the most?
Could it be nore possible information about the story claiming multiple contacts between POTUS's campaign officials and senior Russian intelligence prior to the presidential election?
Could it be an unreported story or one that could be revisited?
Yes, Trump has the right to be infuriated. Many of the media --if not all-- including FOX News, which POTUS now routinely praises (except maybe Chris Wallace) presumed that Hillary Clinton would win.
Yet Trump's ballistic reactions and daily denunciation of "fake news" have the tone of someone who's not just aggrieved by the past, or current, media slight.
Trump himself probably believed he would lose to Clinton. That's why in the weeks heading towards the election he kept talking about a rigged vote and gave the impression he was ambivalent about whether he would accept the outcome or not.
That appears to have been an early face-saving pre-emptive strike. Had he lost, as most people expected, he would have still had something to tell his supporters -- "we were robbed" by the Washington establishment.
After a delay, he could have conceded and still remained a hero to his Trumpite supporters and returned to his businesses with his Trump brand even more valuable.
But Trump's daily attacks on the major media outlets --and yes, they do have many faults unrelated to anything to do with Trump himself-- have the ring of desperation. They have the intensity of someone worried about what is to come.
Trump's surprising victory has created a nightmare for him. His daily denunciation of the alleged "fake media" can't be only because he's angry that media crowned Clinton even before the election.
Is POTUS terribly worried about a game-ending story, or stories, out there; or more details about an existing one?
Could this story, or stories, be the reason why prominent individuals like Gen. David Patreaus reportedly turned down an offer of a top post --in his case national security advisor?
If there is such a story, or stories, how many of the POTUS mouthpieces also know this even as they parrot "fake news"?
Time will tell.

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