Global Destablization Is American Policy

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Reader says global destabilization is business as usual for U.S.


Re: President Obama's Visit And Africa's Second Uhuru.

Thank you so much for informing the president and the public about America's role in supporting criminal leaders in Africa. Unfortunately that has been U.S. policy all over the world.

Haiti is a major example today of America supporting a criminal dictator but hiding it with United Nations troops acting as surrogates for American soldiers. You mention that Obama's rhetoric doesn't reflect his actions but as a schooled politician he is thoroughly aware of that.

One enormous obstacle for change is the fact that the American people have no input concerning the national or international agendas. In 2006 the electorate voted for a change of direction in the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq. Those voters, millions of them, were totally ignored and the policies continue until this very day.

There is no room or wiggle space for orderly, peaceful change in America's megalomaniacal drive for world domination. In fact where democratic, popular change has emerged,  i.e.Bolivia, Venezuela or Ecuador the U.S. has been virulently opposed and makes efforts to destabilize governments reflecting the people's will!

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