Gov. Cuomo Calls For Investigation Into Trump's Handling Of Recovery Efforts In Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria Disaster

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[ Albany News]
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo denounces Trump Administration's handling of recovery efforts in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria...
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Today, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo called for an investigation into President Donald Trump's handling of the disaster in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

"It is disgraceful how this administration has treated Puerto Rico after the island was devastated by Hurricane Maria. President Trump's neglect and refusal to provide adequate assistance only exacerbated the situation, and now almost two years since the Hurricane, Puerto Rico is still recovering and many families continue to suffer.

"There needs to be a full accounting on how our fellow Americans were treated in their time of greatest need, and I am demanding a probe into the federal government's appalling response to this tragedy.

"While the federal government continues to abdicate its responsibilities and spread blatantly false statements regarding the crisis, New York has and always will stand with our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico and provide any support we can to help them build back stronger than before."

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