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 [Commentary] Over the weekend, America got to collectively sample a tincture of Donald Trump's entire toxic, "Fire and Fury" presidency. It's a presidency that former Trump White House consigliere Steve Bannon described to author Micheal Woff in his new bombshell biography as "treasonous" for hosting a meeting with Kremlin cutouts at Trump Tower on June 9, 2016.  Never before has any book had so many scoops in its pages that it took days of news cycles to unpack all of it. Whether you are pro or anti-Trump it did not matter because either way by Sunday the entire nation was exhausted from the "like, really smart, very stable genius" POTUS publicly defending his mental fitness. On Sunday night, without any warning, finally the light came forth from one of America's darkest hours-- Oprah. After almost a year of deranged ramblings on Twitter and non-stop pathological lies, America roared in approval at any semblance of inspiring, mature, emphatic leadership on the national landscape. Oprah Winfrey opened the door to a "new day on the horizon" for America; and in that moment Oprah transformed herself from America's favorite television guru to serious presidential prospect. Oprah is now to Trump what Beatlemania was to the JFK assassination, what Obama was to Bush. Like the Beatles, like Obama, Oprah is the the way out. The cure for our disease. For months political junkies like myself have been trying patch together the best presidential candidate and veep to take back the White House in 2021. Joe Biden? Bernie Sanders? Kamala Harris? Kirsten Gillibrand? Elizabeth Warren? At the end of it all comes a wave of unsettling doubt. Too old, for Biden and Sanders; too inexperienced for presidential campaign warfare, for Warren and Harris; too easy to beat, for Sanders and Warren; too White, for Biden; too Blue state, for Warren; and too male, for Biden.  Mixing and matching any of them as a ticket, I feel, doesn't help much either.  Oprah obliterates all those equations with one answer. If she runs, she wins. That is the point is it not? To win. Over the last four decades Oprah has become a force of nature whose sphere of influence overlaps the Red State-Blue State America dichotomies plaguing the body politic. She is beloved by both Micheal Moore and Bill O'Reily. Oprah is, as TV columnist Howard Rosenberg wrote "a roundhouse, a full course meal, big, brassy, loud, aggressive, hyper, laughable, lovable, soulful, tender, low-down, earthy and hungry."  The last description intrigues me the most: "hungry." In politics, like in sports, when harnessed correctly, that can be an unstoppable force. Lincoln, FDR, Clinton and Obama were also hungry long before they entered the Oval. Oprah is not just another aloof, inexperienced billionaire born on third base who hit a triple. Born Black, female and into extreme poverty with a single, teenage mother in Mississippi -one the most racist, backwards states in the union- the deck was stacked against Oprah Gail Winfrey as high as it could possibly go. Yet, this alpha-female, this warrior "African Mother Goddess of us all" --Rosanne Barr quote-- rose to the top and is considered in a 2005 poll, the ninth "greatest American" of all time. Compared to the Times Square watch peddler currently in the White House, Oprah is the salt of the earth Oprah is as bold as Hillary Clinton is cautious. She takes risks for people and progressive postilions that most at her level would never dare. Maybe that is what it will take to correct this tsunami of idiocy that the current Confederacy of dunces running the country have unleashed.  If anyone can pull off a successful presidency without any prior governing experience, it is Oprah. She alone should set the bar as high as she can for the country to prevent dopes like Kid Rock and Dwayne Johnson's potential presidential runs in the future.   I have listened and watched Sean Hannity for decades. Never before have I seen such fear in his eyes than talking about a potential Oprah 2020 presidential run last night on FOX News. Before Oprah closes the door on a presidential run, she should contemplate the following: Leaders rarely choose their time, rather the times and political climate chooses them.  The nation is sliding into the abyss and is starving for stable leadership. That is what sparked the response to Oprah's Golden Globes speech. The country is sending out an SOS. If Oprah does heed the call, the 2020 presidential elections could go down as the mother of all landslides. Don't think of it as inevitable, more like a long time coming. RUN GIRL, RUN!

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