When Will President Donald Trump Start Thinking Resignation?

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Donald Trump -- Fox News screen shot

After his aborted attempt to kill Obamacare maybe Donald Trump will finally wake up and realize the presidency is actually real and not a reality show.

This is only after two months and there are even rougher waters ahead.

Trump bailed out of the healthcare debacle.

Following in the heels of the Muslim ban disaster, the ongoing investigation into alleged contacts between his campaign and Russian operatives and his refuted claim that President Obama personally "tapped" his wires, at what point will Trump consider bailing out of the presidency?

Trump knows he doesn't have the experience or knowledge to be president of the United States. That reality presents a clear and present danger to the country and the entire world given the global powers of the United States.

Trump's approval rating is already at a historic low of 37% for a presidency two months old. It will likely sink lower unless there is a base floor.

Reportedly one of the Republican members of Congress who met with Trump to voice concerns about the TrumpRyan healthcare bill before Trump abandoned ship, said POTUS was in way over his head when it comes to policy issues.

This means Republican lawmakers who previously didn't know, or were still pretending they didn't know, have now concluded that Trump may have built a few casinos but that he's incompetent as president of the United States.

That's the reason why so many Republican lawmakers were about to vote against the TrumpRyan bill before Trump and speaker Paul Ryan pulled the rug to prevent more embarrassment. Many commentators have noted that throwing in the white towel was actually even worse -- akin to giving up on his presidency.

As usual rather than taking the blame Trump now blames the Democrats saying not a single one had indicated a willingness to vote with him. Why would Democratic lawmakers vote to kill Obamacare, the legacy achievement of President Obama's two-terms?

Why blame Democrats when Republicans have a 44-seat majority in the House and wouldn't need a single vote if all Republicans had supported their president?

Trump lost because more than 30 Republican members were prepared to vote against TrumpRyancare and it could not have passed had more than 21 opposed it.

As the MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell noted, the Republican lawmakers simply didn't care about what Trump thought or wanted and that by losing his first major legislative program Trump's presidency is effectively over. The Republicans' actions were akin to repealing and replacing Trump himself.

Trump had an unhealthy obsession with President Obama and an extreme level of animosity towards the president. Disoriented and blinded by hatred, it now increasingly appears Trump's primary motive became proving that he too could become president of the United States.

As Trump has now learned, becoming president of the United States is actually different from leading the country as president. It's not always good to get what you wished for.

The Obamacare that Trump and the GOP have derided for seven years may turn out to be the Waterloo Mitch McConnell once prayed for.

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