Why Trump Has No Power To End Zimbabwe Sanctions

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Defense Secretary Gen. James Mattis--reader says these are the men with real power. Photo: Flickr.

With respect to the article "Trump: End The Sanctions on Zimbabwe Rally"--it would be an act of good will and economic good sense if the sanctions against Zimbabwe would be terminated.

However, the president of the United States despite all his titles like commander in chief or leader of the free world does not have the power to overturn policies established by the banks or military bureaucracy. We see this clearly with respect to: Cuba; Venezuela; Afghanistan; and, Guantanamo.

Despite all the obvious differences between Obama and Trump they follow the same line and policies dictated by the economic and military elite who run the country.

American citizens can´t admit they have little if any control over the national agenda. What we have in the United States is a change of personality in the national leadership but nothing more. It is a sort of shell game where the people can't find the winner and keep on losing.

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